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  1. I am putting the later V8 wing to my Esprit, as the one you have on your Esprit..... Thanks PJ
  2. Hello Everyone. Is there someone here that can help a lost soul from Sweden? I need to know where to put the new V8 wing e.g i need someone to measure from the "bottom" of the trunk to where the wing starts, in cm if possible. I am putting the New V8 wing on a 96 V8. Please ask if my explanation in was unclear.... Thank you very much in advanced...... PJ
  3. Ok Graham, then something is wrong since mine is like pressing water out of a stone (not quite)....I think a change of throttle cable is the first step i will take. Thanks
  4. Graham. You would consider your accelerator pedals as heavy as "normal" cars? Patrik
  5. Thanks for your replies guys. Anyone else with experience? 2 different bids. I am of the opinion that it feels like it should not be this heavy and it would be nice to find someone who has fixed it. It would be easier to drive with a normal accelerator pedal.
  6. Hello all. I have a newbie question: My accelerator pedal is VERY heavy to put down (compared to my other normal cars), is it supposed to be like that or am i looking at a change of throttle cable?? Car is -96 V8 Thanks Patrik
  7. It may very well be so because since i am a newbee here i am not up to speed with everything yet. Of course it would be interesting to know which way should be the right way to get short shift, anyone with a decent picture??? Patrik
  8. Hello. I have searched the forum and it did not return any good links so i try to post my question instead. Is there any way to get shorter shift on a -96 V8? I read somewhere about a trick where you swap the position of the linkage in to the gearbox but i dont know if this applies to the V8. Does anyone know how to go about, trick or product?? Best Regards Patrik
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