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  1. Hi All I am posting on behalf of my big bro - he has bought himself a very nice Audi TT. The bumpers need relacquering so Stuart is now looking for a paint shop and needs a few recommendations of who, where and how much. He is based in Kingston (Surrey) but is flexible as to where to take the car. Thanks in advance. Lou (and Stu)
  2. I love marmite! Spread on hot, brown toast with some butter or, on toast under scrambled egg. Mmmmm. I love Beef extract. A good dollop of it in boiling water because it makes you grow up big and strong and my daddy loved it. I love malt extract. A good dollop of it (extra bonus with cod liver oil) on a spoon straight in. It makes you grow up big and strong. Have I ever mentioned where I learnt to swim? Oh yeah, and I grew up in Kent, which I love... I love Hops...
  3. Yey! Happy Birthday, Big Sqqqquuuueeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzee. LouXX
  4. Thanks Kimbers! Brrrrrrmmmm splooosssshhhhhh brrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. Very, very cool Mr Cliff Sir! I love Brian Cox.
  6. Ummm, these people have seen caterpillas before surely? Interesting to look at and I am assuming that the trees won't be too healthy after - I'll check with my big bro. We have a couple of lanes nearby which, every year are covered in caterpilla silk. It's really quite beautiful and people always stop to look but I admit, I've not seen it on that scale before.
  7. Louise

    Top Golf, Top Game!

    Does this mean we won't hear from Laura for a while? Do they have score cards?
  8. Well done you two! Bit of a nightmare coming across something like that. X
  9. Awww, was sorry to have missed this one. I do like a good Triumph - or a crunchy knackered one. Ah well.
  10. I suggest... ... you get your top off! Brrrrrrrmmmmmmm
  11. Very proud! I do like a behind the scenes picture, they're always so ... clean. I wonder how well the new lens will perform photographing a new...
  12. Thanks guys. Was treated to a lovely meal - specialty fish pie and chocolate cake, complete with musical candle and I shall save 'The Kings Speech' for the weekend. X
  13. Well I hate to be greedy, but two things. My boys got a brand new MOT! and this...
  14. Place an order, see what happens. There's a good chance that they'll still take it
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