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  1. your right my impeller is probelly dead. why didn't I think of that. I also read that the newer models do come with one tank, its just kinda weird how can it cool running through the radiator? thanks for the quick responses guys! Ok here the question.. I checked the chargecooler radiator in front and it hot so it must be circulating, an I followed the lines they don't seem to be seperated. the lines are connected so its getting heated up by the engine. what do u think? please help thanks
  2. I just pick up a 95 s4 esprit, this car is missing a charge cooler tank the lines are routed to the radiator? my other esprit has 2 separate tanks. I'm not shure if this is factory or what, but dosnt make sense because its charge cooling hot air from the radiator! defeating the whole purpose of the intercooler. is there anyone elses car set up like this? this is weird I know I'm losing lots of power please help thanks..
  3. What kind of mods do you have to do for to get the Z-28 lights to fit?
  4. those light are baddass we gotta find them...calling all lotus cars in Japan we need lights...??? haha..
  5. OMG I gotta have those lights from that yellow Japanese lotus! where is that car parked at I'm going to his house, someone's gotta know where they came from? Please anyone/?? lol...
  6. Has anyone done this Camaro Z28 litght conversion? Intresting, I think a updated projector look with a would be super nice like the new 2007 corvettes! Has anyone done this Camaro Z28 litght conversion? Intresting, I think a updated projector look with a would be super nice like the new 2007 corvettes!
  7. I would like to remove the pop ups and put clear lens over that would be nice! someones gotta make a kit for this or custom make one. ANybody?
  8. My new MSN screen name is [email protected] add me if you get a chance you can send files through MSN I'm on now.
  9. Hey mark do you know where I can find a manual? I've seen a one on Ebay it was in CD format I'm not shure if it's any good. A book might be better.
  10. Mark your the man! your new name is Lotus Master Mark! yea!!! haha I'm gonna print out your instructions to guide us better Thanks, you should write a Lotus for dummies book that would sell!
  11. Hello lotus buddies were going into operation this weekand does anyone here know the torque specs for flywheel bolts, pressure plates, flywheels to crank bolts? on 93 Esprit SE, Also is there any tutorial on removing the engine and tranny anywhere online? thanks guys..
  12. You guys are probelly gonna kill me for this, before I went on the test drive I replaced the stock pump with a electric pump and I did'nt plug the hole where the old pump went in, another member said that there's possibility of the oil pump drawing air from the opening. Could that cause the smoke to come out the airbox and knocking? Sorry this is the first lotus I've had I'm so clueless, I feel like a box of nuts. haha..
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