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  2. Hi all. I've just viewed your post now. I live in Buxton (almost next door or so to Chatsworth). Is this event (21 July) still on? If so, I might drive my bronze Esprit Turbo (1982) to meet you all at Chatsworth. Please kindly let me know. Thanks, Alexandre
  4. Hi guys, Anyone has any comments about this garage, please? Private message me! Thanks,
  5. Hi guys, I have a red 1981 Esprit S3. I live in Buxton. I've been to Christopher Neil, Chris Foulds, Esprit Cars, and Phoenix in the past. I was wondering if you know any other mechanic garages (or if you know anyone who might know any other mechanic garages) either in Greater Manchester area or Derbyshire area that can do work on Esprits preferably speaking (or especially the Giugiaro series) but not necessarily Esprits. Thanks in advance! Alexandre
  6. Gents, The thread about the photo of the postal clerk cracked me up... specially about the ttake away menu. As to sorti8ng things out, I am currently using PMs. Thanks,
  7. Simon, I have just tried the tracking number on the post office website and it does not work. If the bag does not arrive by this Saturday, I would expect you to refund my cheque and track the whereabouts of the bag, as I did not post it in the first place. Sorry. As I said, I am prepared to wait until Saturday for the bag to arrive, and I'll see how it goes.
  8. Simon, today, 02 August 2007, at 17:53h, I have not still received the boot bag. I assume it is somewhere due to the postal strikes going on. As soon as I receive the bag, I will let you know. I will also let you know if I can rectify the toggle clip, as I was not aware of the toggle clip missing only after I sent you the cheque. If I cannot repair/replace the toggle clip, then I will send you the bag back, unless someone here wants it with the existing defects. I will wait until Saturday afternoon (my post arrives at 1pm) to see if the bag arrives.
  9. Hi there... the latest figure about the boot bag from several Lotus places now stand at around
  10. Hey, Yes... Cool. That was I in my S3. But please... I'm not showing off! Esprit owners don't show off! We just like sitting there... watching people out of the corner of our eyes, drooling at us.... or thinking how sad we are!
  11. Hi Mark, That's it... spot on. That was my old baby. I wonder what's happened to her. Thanks for the pic. Here's a pic of my S3. Same address! In the eyes of a layman, probably same car, but different colour.
  12. Hi there, I am still looking for BRAND NEW 8x3in speakers. Any luck guys? I've not had any yet! Thanks, Alexandre
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