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  1. Sold and will next week be winging its way to florida for a summer drive for it's new owner.......
  2. the car is mechanically sound as far as i know could just do with a service and cambelt change.........
  3. He was only the for samba lessons and had to dash back to get all those presents under various trees around the world
  4. I want to join the psychic lorry........ Dreamt recently of me and santa in an city where everything was shaking....... Woke up and could taste Brazil nuts time was 8:32 So earthquake in Brazil on or around Christmas 8.32 on the Ricther scale........
  5. thinks they might need new
  6. All the best with the retirement MJK..... Hope all goes well
  7. Seen by work mate this morning... He took a pic with his phone will post when I receive it......
  8. Has it not been used by mime artist for centuries.......
  9. I use the brick in the garage trick, just where i want the front wheels to be.
  10. As said the roof can be replaced....... I on the other hand like Andy's idea of "Crazy Glazing"..........
  11. Had a phone call from one of my nephews friends to say he had seen a convoy of esprits near Camnerley at 11:20 this morning.....
  12. Have to regretfully bow out due to peer pressure...... Need to go to the south coast on Saturday to fix (again) the parents PC..... They dont want to drive up so watch out for me shooting down the A3....
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