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  1. My brother-in-law has one and he loves it...
  2. I take it the SE on this one means.... Slightly Elevated!!!
  3. I, last night found that when I was putting the floor in the boot back I had knocked a vacuum pipe in the rear compartment beside the coil pack when connecting the wires... back together.....Light out....... yay!!!
  4. I removed the pump and checked the pipes to the engine, they appear fine, will check the pipe connection to the servo tomorrow..... thanks
  5. Have a few niggly problems over the last couple of weeks....... Changed the rear pads and since then have had a constant handbrake light. Also the first time I started it after fitting the pad I got a hoot from the vacuum bleed pipe. I have checked the vacuum pump for operation and the pipes for any flatness blockages or leaks and have dis-assembled the brakes and put them back together again, I also had a problem with the Immobaliser, which needed the binnacle removing and the immobaliser being extracted from the dash..... All is back together but the light is still on. Fluids are fine.... no signs of leaks. The brake pedal is very firm and does not soften at all when the car is running....... Have I missed something or could I have knocked something loose/disconnected in the dash?
  6. I spotted this one this morning at 7:45 on the padworth rd I was just exiting welshmans rd he headed towards tadley.... When I got into work a collegue told me he saw a white esprit in Ashford Hill.... so probably the same one.... Pretty sure it is an SE and the reg C5 something... is this Your old car Paul???
  7. All done...... too much tension.....
  8. I had the same problem and it was caused by rust on the bottom of the header tank. although it looked solid was very porous when under pressure..... I found it when I stuck a finger through the bottom of the tank whilst investigating.....
  9. I love nothing more than flicking the Prius onto electric and driving round tesco car parks playing scare the OAP, by creeping up behind them (in the car) then blasting the horn......
  10. If thats the lights by the bank then I have had similar comments there..... He must live there waiting for cars to comment on or could be a Broadmoor escapee?
  11. Just replaced the belt for the waterpump/vacuum pump but need to get the tension right...... the belt keeps slipping off the vacum pump..... how much travel should there be??
  12. When I lived in Egham, I remember reading in the local paper "the informer" that a guy was prosecuted for breaking the varible speed limit at 50 or 60. He fought the legality of the variable speed limit and won....
  13. cheers, will try that...... Know the manifold is not easy but was trying to reside myself to the fact I would probably have to.
  14. Mine too has developed this problem...... on Inspection I found a hole where a bolt should be, however looks like it has snapped and left it's core in the hole, so I need to get it out. Don't want to lift the engine out as I dont have the hoist. Can I get to it by taking off the exhaust manifold and going in through the left rear wheel well?
  15. I liked the take on this by Christian O'Connell from Absolute radio... to summerise... If the government give me
  16. I only do the quick pull away from the car riding on my bumper if the road is twisty and full of bends..... have on occasion taught an TT, RX-8 and a DB7 what cornering should be like...... other than that I like driving so others can appreciate the Esprit....
  17. A great Day..... I missed last year but Those that attended had a good time.... August 31st 2009
  18. Cliff.... I use a Phillips Toucam II webcam.... has a reasonable ccd chip..... decent controlable frame rate and can be set for extreme low light..... have taken a few pics of saturn and jupiter....... not expensive either
  19. pencil me in with a maybe..... sister is having her gall bladder op that week..... no room needed as I have friends not far from Castle Coombe who will let me stay over......
  20. Setras


    I was hoping to have the car ready yesterday but due to the start of the british monsoon season I have had to postpone the finishing touches till today. Plus my sister was taken in to Hospital with severe pain from Gall stones so I am on hand to help with her 7 months old daughter.
  21. 1. Rog (SE) 2&3. Mr_John111 & Boots (S3) 3 Martyn (SE) 4. sparky & probably 'er indoors (Carb Turbo with big wing & tasteful aerial ball) 5. Alex--GT3-- (a stop over required to consume melon balls ) 6. Paul & Sarah (S4 or Elise S2 with no aerial or melon balls) Would like to stop over if we may? 7. Ian (V8) 8. Ed (setras) provisionally the dates looks good... the car dosn't at the moment.....
  22. One thing to check is the age of the alarm system. Most contain a rechargable battery system which draws power from the car when connected and is designed to hold alarm settings during disconnection. These batteries have a limited life. When they start to fail the alarm will go off on its on, even when driving. I had this problem with mine so I got to the alarm module, opened it and made a note of the type of rechargable batteries (4 in total) and connected those instead..... you have to make sure the car battery remains connected or you loose the alarm setting. I got the replacement batteries from a local R/C modelling shop. I know its an old thread but worth checking if your get this problem
  23. My brother got me a full size Chewbacca which was put on the wall at the end of the bed.......
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