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  1. 30 miles in 25-30 mins. on some amazing twisty roads....... takes longer with the usual BMW doing 35 in the 60 sections
  2. Hartley H1 2.8 V8 400 bhp+ and the same size and weight as the average four pot (think i posted about this engine earlier)
  3. I love both colours... Previous to the Esprit, I have owned 4 black and 2 silver and my prius is also Silver....... Hated the constant cleaning of the Black
  4. mmmmmm home made steak and ale pie with puff pastry, new potates and veg.....droooool... I with the completely encapsulated with pastry crowd....
  5. A workmate attended a talk regarding Tesla based GPU's by a guru from Nvidia who discussed the uses in taking over the cpu functions..... You can download the the code that allows you to run processes on your Geforce. It will work from the 8800 onwards.... It is going to be the way forward until the development of organic processors. For the future on computing check out
  6. Setras

    I am Cold

    What did you say to it?????
  7. Tell them you saw the sign saying average speed limit, but got confused as to whether or not they were using the mean, the median or the mode............... so drove at varying speeds giving you a three to one chancing of fluking it. Then say its a grey area and ask that in future the signs say Average Speed Limit (mode)* *insert the method used by your local force.....
  8. I owned a gen 2 a few years back.... Found it very comfortable and rather quick. would beat the usual stuff around at the time. My Esprit is 2 years newer and it outlooks out performs the rx by a long shot. with regards to reliability, the Esprit (so far) is more relable. never had the AA or RAC out, but the RX had a few problems. A previous owner had claimed a rebuild, but after checking when a tip went, I found out it was a mate of his who gave hime a blank receipt which he just filled out. If I drove a short distance then switched the engine off, it would flood a not restart. I had to pull the injector fuse and turn the engine over for 5-10 secs then pop the fuse back. Back in the eighties Mazda built two concepts mx02 and mx03 they were a bit ugly but used the 13B engine The engine had been highly tuned and red-lined at over 15000 rpm, They recorded the top speed in 1983 at a Countach matching 186mph/300kph It had four wheel drive, four wheel steer, completely adjustable suspension (electronic) and fingerprint recognition......... The engine in Scoot's RX is two engines stuck together. I also remember in the late 90s seeing a Gen 3 at Whites in Weybridge that had the same V6 as the Probe but in its jap spec KLZE format Whites claimed in was just below 300bhp.
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    Watch this

    found this on the same page
  10. A friend had an inflatable R2D2.... We filled it with helium and was last seen heading towards walton-on-thames.....
  11. Hi Threpzik, I made my own circle asking for a lift and got this reply..... so your lift is accepted
  12. Looks like your planning a SLEG's meet
  13. New World Order.... coming to a planet near you..... soon along with the formation of an American Union, Asian union and African union........ I am on the next UFO out here just need to find a pattern in the crop circles to work out their time tables
  14. a few threads on visor down have complained that renewed licences are coming back with the bike entitlement removed and when you ask for it to be put back the DVLA ask you to prove it and as they have the pass certificate you can't..... government ploy to get bikers off the roads
  15. Dropping like flies..... I have just done a pre meet inspection to find the rear drivers side caliper seized, was fine last weekend...... will try to get it sorted but dont hold out much hope....... Have sent a pm to Katie......
  16. Setras

    I am Cold

    I forgot to do that after I used it on Sunday..... Came home from work on monday to find the garden flooded...... only some broken plastic from the head of the gun thing..... Dog loved it, Lake in the back garden............ muddy paws prints everywhere.
  17. I used my Esprit daily one year ago for three months but now only on fridays........ I travel cross country along some great roads and am smiling from walking out the door to parking in space at work..... Also usually pass 2 elises who flash their lights, a 328 gts and a really nice db7 whose driver usually nods...... Once parked I get a coffee then take stroll with most of my dept to the restaurant for a full english..... I love fridays...
  18. Setras

    I am Cold

    I too saw this...... The reason for the drop could be Solar. The Ulysses probe which has been up there since 1990, monitors things like the solar wind and infared energy. Ulysses has shown that the solar wind has dropped by 20% and the amount of Infared energy by 13%, luckily the greenhouse gases are keeping us warm-ish. by strange co-incidence it is the lowest output for 50yrs...... same as the economy..... just a comparison, not for one moment suggesting the almighty Sun god controls world economics.....
  19. Setras

    I am Cold

    Current Tempreture is -10C... just been down the park with the dog, who being part husky brushed it off........ Me, I feel like Han Solo just being woken in Jabbas lair after the carbonite freezing
  20. ""However, it warned that falling oil prices would have a negative impact on North Sea oil revenues and government spending power. "" Thats all right Brown will borrow........ Paid for by a Toes tax...... I am off to drop something heavy on my feet at work, sue the boss, then laugh when tax man realises I have no toes......
  21. Rear brakes should be done this weekend (new pads) so will be there......... That passenger seat has been Booked for you Katie......
  22. I plugged both drives into the sata on the home pc and and booted with ghost.....cloned 51Gb saves, music and video in 14 mins...... estimated backup time using usb drive...4Hrs+ i used the drive from a quosmio lappy that had its graphics card die at the weekend........ only 120 but should last a while
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