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  1. Pick the car up today and all felt fine. Got home then drove to a friends. on the way back i had to go down a road with speed bumps, since driving over them the car now pulls to the left quite sharply. think the bumps might have thrown out the tracking.......... any advice would be appreciated...... have taken the wheel off but can nothing obvious..............
  2. sunday cant change the plans...... going down for diner and haven't been to see them for about 8 weeks
  3. had a few spots earier but no torrential down pours here. Back last July we had a scene out of "the day after tomorrow" when a road through windlesham got flooded. I had stopped just short of the water (most cars were making it through) but i didnt want to risk it. A rather large Landrover (with snorkel fitted) came plowing down the road and hit the water at about 40 mph, his bow wave shot across the road under my car (ford probe), which had a rather low pipe for air induction. BANG!!! snapped conrod......... Moved the induction pipe.....
  4. already charging the handy cam..... :yes will convert sometime next week also taking the esprit down to Father-in-laws in littlehampton on sunday......
  5. Monday I laid awake and saw the sun peek through the curtains..... Tuesday Got up and took the dog for a walk a 4 am.......... wednesday another 5am sun peeking through the curtains, Last night.....mmmmppfff.... still not slept so should have an early night tonight and sleep OK (yeah Right). I think you can see by the time of some of my posts the state of my insomnia. But saying that I have always needed little sleep............ When i saw the car the salesman left me the keys and went off to show the lady who arrived before me a few other cars.......... So i had 45 mins to give the car a good check over and get underneath (as best i could) even popped all the bonnets/hoods and flicked all the switches. The passenger window didn't work so i made a note........... When the sales guy came out we took out the roof and i checked all the seals and the seals underneath and all was ok. Out on the road the car was a dream. steering felt heavy (used to p/s) but positive with no play the cam belt was done 500 miles ago and the bodywork is immaculate I ask the guy about the window and he said it would be fixed by collection. So i phoned up 3 days later and place a deposit on it. All in all a good investment.....
  6. Glad he is OK. Can imagine how your dad felt....... Bit of sun and people go mad, the number of times driving down the A24 to the parents on the coast we see riders with jeans and t-shirts on.... The comment is Always..... "muppet....5 seconds with out leather on the road and your scraping your pelvis on the tarmac" at least he was kitted correctly. I would wear leather on the bike what ever the tempreture.....
  7. I had the same problem with an RX7. This was a problem of the rotary engine wearning tips and flooding the chambers/pistons after you had switched it off. got round it by pulling the engine management fuse and turning over for 5 secs to clear the excess fuel, but doing every other start was a chore which ultimately resulted in it being found a new home........ When the probe gave me this problem it was the moby...... got it bypassed and never had an issue since. I have know a battery to turn a car but not fire it, admittidly a ford escort
  8. Driving upto the lake district that day for a weeks relaxing and the occasional drive. (will be taking the esprit as other half it taking the SV650S)
  9. looks like BMW tried the Skoda cake trick....... but someone slammed the door and the air escaped making it collapse
  10. Setras

    Ebay Key Fob

    hadn't thought of that............. Think i will create a new game..... buy ferrari, lotus, bugatti key fobs etc. attach an old key and drop it outside the front of a supermarket then see how many you can catch on camera before they give up and hand them in....... if they do
  11. Setras

    Ebay Key Fob

    cheers russell. hope your day improves, i've had a few of those recently.... my intention was not stop anyone from bidding. I can (this morning) completely see your point (I am suffering extreme insomnia as i am collecting my first esprit in 1 1/2 days and am so excited i can not sleep........) and it was in the early hours whilst browsing i found the ebay thread. I always expect to be outbid at the last second..... thats what happens most of the time.... ...... Ed
  12. During the Dave Lee Travis years on radio 1 there was a sort of traffic warden vendetta. I remember being able to buy "traffic Warden flavour" walkers for a time. Sometimes when i pick my niece up from school i get the chance to pop to the old sweet shop that was on the walk from school to the station. The shelves are still full of the large bottles ranging from cough candy to satin cushions....
  13. Think i saw that forecast.. did she end the forecast with "weather permitting"???????
  14. thats the one think....I have it filed away somewhere......
  15. There was a ruling by the EU Court of human rights after a dutch gentleman was photographed with his secretary in the passenger seat when he should have been away on business back in the mid nineties. His wife to whom the car was registered received the picture and filed for divorce. The court ruling was although the offence had been committed it had been done so by the driver and not his passenger and front facing cameras we considered a breach to he privacy of the passenger. Don't how it would stand up in the UK............. Hampshire has virtually no speed cameras (apart from those fitted by southampton city) they have a few mobile vans which tend to loiter around winchester and the roundabouts in basingstoke and farnborough and an unmark skoda octavia VR5 (used to work for the local authority but saw sense)
  16. Recorded this can transfer to downloadable file and make available via bit torrent if needed
  17. Setras

    Ebay Key Fob

    Hi All I have dropped a bid on this keyfob thought it would look very nice..... cheers for not outbidding in advance Ed
  18. Was fishing one evening as a child down by the thames at egham, during the night i noticed something large and multi legged run across my hand. Felt it bite me as it went. My hand was swollen and out of use for days.......
  19. Think i was lucky insured this evening Zurich Me 36, Clean licence, no claims Full comprehensive with protected NCD 12,000 miles PA declared (I like car shows). courtesy car all the usual gubbings in the policy. Locked garage with ground anchor Additional driver (aged 33)
  20. Started about 34 years ago when i was 3 and my father asked to play silent night on a bontempi reed organ by christmas for 50p. I have had a few lessons but am naturally musical, I came 8th in the UK yamaha finals of IE festival in 1983 playing the organ but can play any keyboard, guitar, drum, flute, plus a few others and I am a reasonably well known DJ from the london alternative/dance scene. Teach a friends son keyboard when he is not playing football......... These were the ones that were on autotrader I will stop near stonehenge Saturday on my way back home.... but these should keep you going........
  21. Hi My name is Ed. I have just purchased a 1989 esprit turbo in silver (owned by lotus till 1994 and featured in the motor show 89-90) will be collecting it on saturday morning from compton in somrset. The car has had one owner since lotus and has 54K on the clock with FSH. I myself live in Farnborough hampshire. Work in IT and am an accomplished musician and DJ. I have loved the esprit since i first saw one when i was 7. the first car mag i ever bought had the launch of the esprit x180 covered and I said i would own one one day....... And here i am
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