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  1. Started about 34 years ago when i was 3 and my father asked to play silent night on a bontempi reed organ by christmas for 50p. I have had a few lessons but am naturally musical, I came 8th in the UK yamaha finals of IE festival in 1983 playing the organ but can play any keyboard, guitar, drum, flute, plus a few others and I am a reasonably well known DJ from the london alternative/dance scene. Teach a friends son keyboard when he is not playing football......... These were the ones that were on autotrader I will stop near stonehenge Saturday on my way back home.... but these should keep you going........
  2. Hi My name is Ed. I have just purchased a 1989 esprit turbo in silver (owned by lotus till 1994 and featured in the motor show 89-90) will be collecting it on saturday morning from compton in somrset. The car has had one owner since lotus and has 54K on the clock with FSH. I myself live in Farnborough hampshire. Work in IT and am an accomplished musician and DJ. I have loved the esprit since i first saw one when i was 7. the first car mag i ever bought had the launch of the esprit x180 covered and I said i would own one one day....... And here i am
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