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  1. Setras

    WELL ?

    I read the the financial summary report for a Finance Company today and they appear to have their heads in the sand. More regulation is needed to protect the consumer.......
  2. I showed it to Loki. Who rolled round the floor laughing got me my pipe and slippers then took himsellf down the park for a walk
  3. Got a chiropractor session at 2 then might go for a mini hoon
  5. For 89 turbo?????? thanks in advance
  6. I think I have been Located to Hellman Province or Basra.....
  7. Setras

    WELL ?

    I do not hink it will make one iota of difference as the world is goverend by the Thargosian Empire and their Ambasador to earth is Micheal Jackson
  8. watching on +1 yes beleive it was Steve..........
  9. Thats were i am going wrong..... I am picking up my prostitutes in the esprit (silver of course) and end up taking them to polo at Smith Lawn.... Next I will try and kerb crawl in the 18 wheeler
  10. I would pay good money to see that...... where do I send the cheque?
  11. So is now the time to buy share in "Spud "u" Like"?
  12. Discovery Real time are showing both episodes vack to back from 9pm on 4th Nov
  13. being as jacks love to hunt down rabbits in thier warrens, you could utilise him as some for of exhaust system cleaner...... Just a thought
  14. Are you receiving any form of professional Help????
  15. OMG threw out a cannon 35mm SCSI scanner last month..... No one i knew wanted it......
  16. The Chiropractor cracking all the bones back in to place first made me whince..... Then smile when I was cooking dinner and felt so sprightly I was almost behaving like Ainsley...
  17. Setras

    Free Fuel

    Here in the uk our gallon is measured dry (even when liquid), the US has both liquid and dry,also their gallon (liquid) can be broken into quarts, unlike ours. (I think)
  18. I am pretty sure that chips FSB speed is not supported by that board........ Travis that is an excellent bundle.... very cheap once you do the currency exchange
  19. try check out their today only page I managed to get a E6600 2.66 dual core for
  20. Setras

    Free Fuel

    us 3.79L uk 4.54L Aproxiamtely 3/4 L difference
  21. each person currently online would need to post at least 1.3 posts before midnight to make it 200000 so this one hasnt done it......
  22. Setras

    Free Fuel

    Taken from "A clever marketing ploy by a computer games company has lead to queues and chaos as motorists attempt to get their hands on free fuel. The Last Stop garage on Stapleton Hall Road, Finsbury Park, London, had seen over 150 customers keen to get their share of free fuel by 7.30am. Drivers have been queuing out of the station and up the street for their turn to fill up with up to
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