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  1. If you have a grand spare then I can recommend the nvidia Tesla 10 series with 4gb and a decent speed quad core should keep you upgrade free for a good few years
  2. I was made happy by finally finishing my own version of Adagio for strings, it's slighty upbeat like William Orbits.... listenend to it lots.......
  3. I would have thought that if they debited the money then a contract exists....... Did they debit the accounts?
  4. Made the lemonade but someone has nicked the Jamesons, and the silver lining is just highly polished steel which is not really silver......
  5. I Usually unwind by spending hours playing music on my keyboards. My year has been made worse by the fact that my partner works for RBS and their future is uncertain at the moment.
  6. seriously read the small print on the car lease option. I got told I would have
  7. I have always found him polite, helpfull, informative and a pillar of the esprit community...... Oh wait did you say Bibs........ Sorry wrong person
  8. you could pay an author to write a biography for Colin or your dad and reap the returns from the book sales
  9. no pic but found this mine was gold with a vinyl roof
  10. Setras

    Ten Million!

    Jan 23rd 2009 19:35 gmt
  11. spoke to the guy today and he got the model confused it was an elise which puled out in front of him. leaving him no room to stop..... yes the padworth road
  12. One of my work colleagues hit a lotus this morning. He at first thought it was a fezza so I am assuming it is an esprit...... Any one on here.....? i
  13. Welcome.... saw and posted on the other thread....... All I can say is as a daily runner, The esprit was Excellent, never let me down. Made my journey to work more enjoyable and faster..
  14. Setras


    Have seen it a few times thanks to living in Farnborough. Must say the most impressive thing was the high atack angle pass (nose up to allow slower speed). It was almost stationary. Will dig out the video and pop it on youtube.....
  15. I volunteered during the summer holiday whilst at college. I chose a school for children with cerebral palsy (white lodge, Chertsey). I used to teach basic computer skills (bbc master days) to an annexe unit for adults. I also voluteered to support a physically handicapped guy whilst he crewed the STS Lord Nelson in 1988. The work was rewarding and very enjoyable.....
  16. Setras

    M15 PRE

    only just spotted the side..
  17. Setras

    M15 PRE

    Davegtst..... He organised the run up from birchanger on the sunday
  18. Have to back out as it is my sisters 50th birthday bash....... I told her me not going to a lotus event was her present.....
  19. cheers.... have found one at lotus bits....... thanks again Eddie
  20. I saw that one i think.... You can buy your own one called the Islander for $1,500,000....
  21. On the way home the other night I noticed the left hand indicators were not working. Sunday I tool the stalk off to find that the metal rod which acts as a switch had snapped. I could find no way to get at it with out my trusty hammer so a replacement is needed. From which parts bin will i find one????
  22. I give up every night for about 8 hours........ you can give up with just Two patches..... Put one over each eye and then you can't find your cigarettes
  23. Setras

    White SE

    About 10 am this morning just passing through the road works outside tadley heading fron Burghfield. I waved at you and flashed the lights...... nothing..... Would have understood it if I had not driven the esprit in to work today
  24. firefox for as long as it has been around....
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