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  1. As I continue the restoration I've come across quite a few parts with names...these ones at least confirm the build date! I wonder who john was? Anybody come across other tags?
  2. The clutch pressure plate fingers need to match the bearing type.
  3. At some point I'm going to re-trim the bulkhead but the base plastic is quite deformed over the years in the sun. Whats the current thinking, heat gun, make from scratch? Rob
  4. This is a well known S1!
  5. What was the original colour of the cam covers of my 1977 S1?! I've got people saying it was originally red, and I think it was black but the original ones I'm restoring, although stripped, seem to show red as the last paint layer?? Most of the pictures on the net seen to show black. Rob
  6. How much oil...a teaspoon or so is pretty normal.
  7. Thanks for the responses :-) I must confess to reusing the old shims in their original locations and not dry fitting prior to the measurement check...I 'spose its only cost me some Loctite 518.. I'm assuming you fit the old shims, check the gap, measure the old shim and order a new one with the old thickness + or - the measured gap, and this is the thickness of the new required shim? R.
  8. Hi all, OK .... Rebuilt head on engine, leak down tests perfect on all cylinders...measuring the valve clearances I'm getting silly numbers like .3 on the intakes and .4 on exhausts..not all but you get the idea. I'm trying to workout why so big? Too much Loctite 518 and it didn't squish down? Replacement valve have shorter stems? Although the valves don't leak, maybe they weren't ground in as far as they should? I'm going pull the towers off and refit them dry and see if it makes a difference. Any thoughts welcome :-) Rob
  9. If you're talking about the sender between the carby's, just screws in but you need to use some kind of sealant, I use plumbers teflon tape to great effect :-) Rob
  10. The turbo cover seems's the same except for a small ridge around the gasket point to better seal for the turbo application...
  11. Since the S1 is in bits, I want to refurbish all the metal window and door frames in satin black. Whats the best way to go about this, powdercoating, two pak spray?? Any advise is welcome! Rob
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