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  1. Another thanks to all who responded as I have now put in a new thermostat and while not a complete cure it's a lot better . . . in fact it actually runs HOTTER at speed on motorway (needle bang in the middle) but cooler than it did in traffic, so fingers crossed! Steve
  2. Thanks to all who replied - will try some/all of the suggestions. Fans are coming in - just seem a bit too late! Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi - anyone got tips for an otherwise fine 89 turbo (it's the red one in the end of the esprit video which was shown to death on Men and Motors) which does not like sitting in traffic. It's not boiled yet but the temp goes up alarmingly before fans kick in (it gets well into the red). It's just had a major main dealer service too! I was wondering if it is possible to fit a manual override fan switch to hit the fans as soon as I get in a jam??? Or is it worth swapping thermostat and do they do a cooler running one?? Anyone solved a similar problem?? Steve
  4. Hi, Anyone help with a fan fuse which keeps blowing on my 89 turbo? Fans work OK but fuse blowing with increasing regularity - almost every day now. Tried bigger fuses but still blows. Could it be a bad earth and where do fan motors live?? Under front somewhere?? Steve
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