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  1. Hi, I've changed the belts on my V8 twice, both times with the engine in the car. Bought the lotus items for setting the tension pulleys and crankshaft. Used correct sized drill blanks (for measuring the size of a drilled hole) and an after market frequency gauge. Its a straight forward job. Having the tools allows the belt tension to be checked annually too. Cheers
  2. Hi, so did the Exige S1 ECU work with the help of Bluestreak Electronics? Thanks
  3. Had my Esprit for 8 years. Agree with the others, careful change first to second and no hard off\on the power in 5th. Other than that full welly everywhere especially when trying to pull away from my mate in his R8! Cheers
  4. Hi Alex, Good news about the cream! Not that I'm making any critism on your work at all - its been more than I could have accomplihed! Would just like to pass on some information regarding timing belts. I recently changed mine with the engine in. Took two days off work... a month later I think I had the correct tensions. I used the Lotus method and bought a tension meter to measure the frequency. It was tricky to gauge how much to move a tensioner to obtain the right tension - pretty sensitve. Next time round i will have a much better feel for the job. I got the belts at 125Hz cold and by
  5. Hi Alex, Fantastic work!! Maybe a bit of a sore question.... did you tension the timing belts yourself this time round? Just interested as I'm with you on the view if you do it yourself you know its done properly! Cheers
  6. Hi, I purchased Elise (thinner pads) and used one in each caliper with an Esprit pad.
  7. Hi, I had a B service done at the factory and their solution was to seal the covers with instant gasket! Made them a bit of a pig to remove recently, but the plug holes were bone dry! Cheers
  8. Hi, Back to work on the car today - been a while as I have busy. The idlers I took off the engine have the four embossed marks facing away from the engine ie towards the front of the car. These marks are on the flange (or "closed") side of the idler. The replacements are identical with the exception that the four embossed marks are on the opposite side ie not the flange side but the "open" side. I understand that the embossed marks should face outward towards the front of the car. Should I install embossed marks outwards or flange side outwards with the new idlers? Does anyone kno
  9. Hi, Really stupid question..... So the timing disc is in place, pins removed and the engine is cranked to the correct degrees to set the Left Hand belt. That is the left belt when standing behind the car looking towards the front and NOT the left when looking at the face of the timing disc?? Small dilemma!! Thanks!
  10. Hi Alex, that's £100 less than what I paid for so good price. Mine wasn't exchange thou... I still have the old unit. Cheers
  11. Hi Alex, good to see you are getting stuck in - good luck! You said you require a new clutch, FYI; I bought one from GTO Engineering - still expensive but much cheaper than from Lotus. Not sure if you have a clutch alignment tool? I used a gearbox input shaft - also from GTO - you can borrow it if you need - no worries. Cheers Julian
  12. Hi Alex, If you take up Buddsy's advice, I have some brand new belts which I can measure if you think that may help? If your belts have stretched a lot then it may be worth investigating the tolerances the belt is supposed to have yourself - instead of just taking the manufacturer's word for it? Gunter - maybe you can measure your 20k old belts if I understand correctly you have removed them from the car? Bib's no need for the scope - the engine has been stripped down and I don't believe it seized. Cheers
  13. Alex, thanks for letting us all know. I suppose the art in hind sight is to gradually increase the tension to the required tolerance being careful never to exceed the upper level which potentially could damage it? I was always under the impression that the tension could be set more than once - in fact the annual service I think says to check the tension and re tension if required. I'm still amazed that the unbroken belt had stretched so much in 4K. I recently did the cam belt on my Golf Gti and after 55K it hadn't stretched that much compared to the new one (less than 10mm). When I do my V
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