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  1. hi mine were solid too, my car had 38 k on it and is a daily drive......... grab the pin in the middle with some grips and waggle up and down , tap the end with a punch to move it a bit then a thin piece of emery cloth around the pin and pull it back and forth until the pin is clear of rust, tap it back in and out a bit and keep cleaning it with the emery cloth until the pin is the size of the hole and it should just pull or tap out. The hole for the pin is tight so a little bit of rust will stop it coming out, you can put as much penetrating fluid on it as you like and it will not free it off its all down to the rust on the pin . After I had done one the rest were dead easy its a nack of doing it and mine were really rusted solid .
  2. real easy way to get out rusted pins read my post on brakes and pin removal
  3. I have not yet got round to fitting the Radium CAI as I have been thinking of selling my N/A and buying an S . I am a bit concerned about the warning light problems any help on how to avoid this would be welcome as I still have the N/A.
  4. Hi just done mine, loosen the pins with a drift, rotate with a pair of pliers and clean the pins in situ with wet and dry as they swell up with the rust and will not exit the calliper as they are too big. You can put on as much lubricant as you like and they still will not come out as the exit holes are a tight fit , the pins have to be made the size when new.
  5. paul.p


  6. hi you need a new microphone and GPS aerial ,cut the pink and black wire on the main connector then cut and splice the green and brown wire on the single wire connector to it ,tape up the green and brown and that's it. just set the unit up and its done
  7. thanks for that, what did you do for your microphone and GPS aerial?
  8. Sorted at last, I hope that this will be of use to some members , the tech pack cars have a choke or noise suppressor fitted with a fuse inside it as well as the fuse in the fuse board for the radio. It appears that they all have a choke but only the tech pack cars have a fused choke which is a small blade 10A the same as the one in the fuse board .The choke is mounted at the bottom of the fuse board grey in colour with alpine written on it !
  9. hi yes I have checked for power at the fuse and its showing it has , but the wiring disappears up the dash and your right it does not have far to go I suppose that if I cant find the choke fuse then I could locate the live wire in the harness and splice a new feed from the fuse board in to it but I like to do it right really
  10. hi Bibs, it seems that it is , its just I need to find out where its situated and it seems only on the tech pack cars this is fitted regards Paul
  11. I have looked on the wiring diagram for the tech pack cars and it shows a choke /fuse for the stereo ,any ideas where its located ,I have had the head unit out and there is no sign of it at the back of the head unit
  12. back to the beginning have swapped two other head units but it seems that there is no power to them ,have checked radio fuse which blew twice previously and also the amp fuse in the rear but still no life at the head unit , any thoughts?
  13. hi all I am just to start a stereo swap from an alpine w520r to a w920r I have sorted the microphone jack plug swap its just the reversing camera cables that I cant work out I have read a previous thread and I can not work out that the new unit only has one green cable and the old one has three ,two brown and white and one orange and white which is tagged as reverse. I can not work out where the green cable is to go to any help welcome
  14. hi did you use the wiring kit or did it go in to the old connections   regards Paul

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