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  1. I had a problem with Yuasa now on my third under warranty!
  2. Hi David thanks for your help it looks like that's the answer to my problem
  3. This sounds like the same problem that I have thanks for that, mine already has the plastic master cylinder fitted about five years ago so it could be faulty. What sort of job is it to replace?
  4. hi thanks for the replies but it only happens after the car has had a long run not on short journeys which are around town and then it stays as it should , if I leave the car a few days after short runs it stays fine ?
  5. Hi I thought that but the lotus dealer said they bled it again and no air came out, I have just tried it and its still fine on short trips
  6. Just had clutch and brake fluid replaced at a lotus dealer the clutch was fine on the way home but later turned soft so I returned the car only to have the same problem after I returned home . On short trips its ok it just seems to happen on longer trips I have heard of the heat off the manifold problem but the fluid is new so would that be the case, the car is a s1 2011 ps the pedal comes back after a few pumps on it
  7. took it to Oakmere lotus had to have a new module fitted sorted now
  8. After a flat battery my airbag light is on my 2011 evora any ideas for a quick fix?
  9. new battery sorted but the old one was 4 months old yuasa which was swapped under guarantee
  10. Hi after recharging my 2011 evora battery all lights come on but it will not turn over also tried a booster charger but just a click at the relays any ideas welcome
  11. hi mine were solid too, my car had 38 k on it and is a daily drive......... grab the pin in the middle with some grips and waggle up and down , tap the end with a punch to move it a bit then a thin piece of emery cloth around the pin and pull it back and forth until the pin is clear of rust, tap it back in and out a bit and keep cleaning it with the emery cloth until the pin is the size of the hole and it should just pull or tap out. The hole for the pin is tight so a little bit of rust will stop it coming out, you can put as much penetrating fluid on it as you like and it will not
  12. real easy way to get out rusted pins read my post on brakes and pin removal
  13. I have not yet got round to fitting the Radium CAI as I have been thinking of selling my N/A and buying an S . I am a bit concerned about the warning light problems any help on how to avoid this would be welcome as I still have the N/A.
  14. Hi just done mine, loosen the pins with a drift, rotate with a pair of pliers and clean the pins in situ with wet and dry as they swell up with the rust and will not exit the calliper as they are too big. You can put on as much lubricant as you like and they still will not come out as the exit holes are a tight fit , the pins have to be made the size when new.
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