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  1. Thanks all of you for your constructive comments. Jaws wins the prize, it was the warning sign alert. It didn't help that I never use the satnav, preferring my TomTom, and the audio screen doesn't show the signs as the unit 'bings'. As soon as I turned the satnav function on the warning signs appeared on the screen with each 'bing'. The online manual told me how to turn it off. Thanks again Jaws....
  2. I've owned my Evora 400 for a couple of years and I've finally decided to ask advice on my infotainment system. Every so often there is a 'bing', like a warning sound. It seems completely random, sometimes regular, sometimes rarely. It happens in any mode the system is in. I have found the only way to stop it is to turn the infotainment completely off. It's the standard Alpine system. Has anyone experienced this and found what causes it? Many thanks.
  3. Yup, checked torque and completely removed the bearing (both times!) Thanks Colin. Chris
  4. Hi all, can anyone offer advice on this problem? During a routine service my dealer identified a 'loose' NSR hub bearing. There was no noise from the bearing just a slight rocking of the wheel. I changed the bearing using a Timken bearing from my local auto factor. Now here is where the problem starts. I now had a noise from the hub. It was an intermittent drone (brrrr brrrr brrrr) which speeded up on right hand bends and became continuous on left hand. Having had nightmares about possible diff problems and stuff I decided to go for the cheap and obvious option and change the bearing again. I still have the droning noise but now it is constant and not affected by bends. I have listened to both hubs with the car on jacks, supported under the uprights and ticking over in fifth gear. The OS hub is silent, the NS hub is noisy. I removed the speed sensor and the brake pads but there is no difference. Assuming the bearing is OK (surely I can't have got two duff bearings in succession) the only other moving part is the driveshaft. As far as I can tell the gaitor is undamaged. Could it be a driveshaft? The shaft is almost straight so there is little movement in the joint whilst it is spinning, and anyway, why would the noise be different after changing the bearing? Your thoughts gentlemen please! Chris 1999 V8GT, 33400 miles.
  5. SCCDA0827XHC15778 Esprit V8GT 1999 Azure Blue Chris Parker
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