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  1. Please add my car to the list: SCC082910RHA61499 1994 S4 Esprit Black - E5PR1T BlaqE5 - Dave, Perth, Western Australia
  2. Hi Robert and welcome. I'm a relative 'newbie' and can report the guys on this site are the best in the virtual world - you'll love it! Seems like Lotus type cars just like living down-under - eh? Be interetsing to see the number comparisons - has anyone done it? Dave (Perth, WA).
  3. Hey Guys, Just thought I'd add the arches off the V8 are heading 'down-under'. My F-in-L is a fibreglasser from way-back so shouldn't be a problem with the repairs. - I hope! The prices they quote for the engines - are they indicative? Dave.
  4. Hey fellow E-pilots, Does anyone out there know of a set of V8 flares for sale. I really fancy grafting them to my S4, especially now I've got the big boots - I think it'll make her even more mean and aggressive. The aussie dollar is strong at the mo' so I'm keen to secure a set. Hope someone is listening to my whinge ...? Keep cruising - Deev
  5. Hey Simon, Must be the number of Brits over here in WA. It's amazing the new stuff you see at every car show. Thanks for the welcome - keep cruising in SA mate. Cheers - Dave. Hi Iain, Thanks for the welcome. As you can see, I'm not a traditionalist. But when I do feel nostalgic, I just whip the original wheels back on. I can imagine the grief you got with your post. Regards, Dave. Hey Stu, Isle of Man hey. Does Nigel Mansell still live there - I heard he was a special constable or something? If I run into your mate Morry, I'll pass on your regards. Cheers -
  6. Hey Artie, haven't but will next week. Cheers - Dave
  7. Hey Bibs, Thanks for the welcome ... I've already posted a 'problem' request (are you not suprised?) In this instance, for me, LOTUS stands for Lots Of Trouble Usually STUPID! Not really but I like saying that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to conversing with like-minded masochists. Blaq is the only colour (except when it's dirty). Cheers - Dave.
  8. Hey LEF, I've made a search on LEF and have found some similar symptoms to my problem. But not specifically. So, I hope you guys can help me. Basically, my 94 S4 is cutting, out at random - so it seems. I've got a laptop with freescan - no errors shown (maybe someone could look at my log - I don't understand that much?). The dash-board light doesn't come on either. My mechanic is stumped (and he was the Perth Lotus dealer's chief mech - now runs his own shop). We've replaced the fuel pump and TPS - which incidentally was showing 0.57v closed but when I put the new one on (in the same
  9. G'day everybody from Dave in Perth, Western Australia. I'm not a new owner, had my Esprit for 3+ years, but I am new to this 'forum' thing - so go light with me while I learn the ropes please. There's a reasonably healthly Lotus scene here in Perth (for the small population - 3 million), with about 30 Esprits and many other Lotus 'sub-brands'. I'm not a great 'club' participator and tend to operate on the fringes of the only club in Perth ... more like by invitation for me. Anyway, I love my car and she runs beaut (usually), and I love to get out for a blast whenever my schedule allow
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