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  1. Please add my car to the list: SCC082910RHA61499 1994 S4 Esprit Black - E5PR1T BlaqE5 - Dave, Perth, Western Australia
  2. Hi Robert and welcome. I'm a relative 'newbie' and can report the guys on this site are the best in the virtual world - you'll love it! Seems like Lotus type cars just like living down-under - eh? Be interetsing to see the number comparisons - has anyone done it? Dave (Perth, WA).
  3. Hey Guys, Just thought I'd add the arches off the V8 are heading 'down-under'. My F-in-L is a fibreglasser from way-back so shouldn't be a problem with the repairs. - I hope! The prices they quote for the engines - are they indicative? Dave.
  4. Hey fellow E-pilots, Does anyone out there know of a set of V8 flares for sale. I really fancy grafting them to my S4, especially now I've got the big boots - I think it'll make her even more mean and aggressive. The aussie dollar is strong at the mo' so I'm keen to secure a set. Hope someone is listening to my whinge ...? Keep cruising - Deev
  5. Hey Simon, Must be the number of Brits over here in WA. It's amazing the new stuff you see at every car show. Thanks for the welcome - keep cruising in SA mate. Cheers - Dave. Hi Iain, Thanks for the welcome. As you can see, I'm not a traditionalist. But when I do feel nostalgic, I just whip the original wheels back on. I can imagine the grief you got with your post. Regards, Dave. Hey Stu, Isle of Man hey. Does Nigel Mansell still live there - I heard he was a special constable or something? If I run into your mate Morry, I'll pass on your regards. Cheers - Dave. Hi Dave - what a brilliant irony eh!? There's another black S4 here, but the owners not a Dave - that would be too much! Do you have any pics to look at, how do I access them mate. Keep cruising - DaveWA. Hey Greg, Thanks for the welcome from State-side. Black is a great colour but nasty to keep clean and spik, I won't do it again. Cheers - Dave.
  6. Hey Artie, haven't but will next week. Cheers - Dave
  7. Hey Bibs, Thanks for the welcome ... I've already posted a 'problem' request (are you not suprised?) In this instance, for me, LOTUS stands for Lots Of Trouble Usually STUPID! Not really but I like saying that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to conversing with like-minded masochists. Blaq is the only colour (except when it's dirty). Cheers - Dave.
  8. Hey LEF, I've made a search on LEF and have found some similar symptoms to my problem. But not specifically. So, I hope you guys can help me. Basically, my 94 S4 is cutting, out at random - so it seems. I've got a laptop with freescan - no errors shown (maybe someone could look at my log - I don't understand that much?). The dash-board light doesn't come on either. My mechanic is stumped (and he was the Perth Lotus dealer's chief mech - now runs his own shop). We've replaced the fuel pump and TPS - which incidentally was showing 0.57v closed but when I put the new one on (in the same posi) it showed 0.75v??? Obviously I adjusted to the desired setting. Immediately after replacing the TPS, my girl run soooo sooomth again and the power came in smoother too (still got the 3k stumble though!!!). Oh, I've got a code 3 chip in (yummy!), but the cut-out was there before this little wonder was installed. If anyone can help, I'd be eternally grateful. Even though it's a minor niggle, and I could probably learn to live with it, I'm happiest when my girl is happy ... 100% happy! Cheers - Dave (Deev aka RatLX)
  9. G'day everybody from Dave in Perth, Western Australia. I'm not a new owner, had my Esprit for 3+ years, but I am new to this 'forum' thing - so go light with me while I learn the ropes please. There's a reasonably healthly Lotus scene here in Perth (for the small population - 3 million), with about 30 Esprits and many other Lotus 'sub-brands'. I'm not a great 'club' participator and tend to operate on the fringes of the only club in Perth ... more like by invitation for me. Anyway, I love my car and she runs beaut (usually), and I love to get out for a blast whenever my schedule allows ... the open road, ah, Esprit heaven! Cheers - Dave.
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