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  1. Hi, Does anybody know which other car manufacturer has used the same Bendix type rear calipers as were used on the 1985 onwards Esprits? Has anybody tried to upgrade the rear brakes? I want to replace the rear calipers on my 1987 Turbo HC , but I would like to know which options I have apart from SJ's. Thanks and regards, Stefan
  2. Recently I have replaced the alternator and since then a strange problem occurs. When I press the clutch pedal the revs don't go down and sometimes the revs even go up. The same happens when I press the throttle when in neutral the revs stay up. Strangely when I stop the engine and restart it the revs are normal. The most likely problem would be a throttle cable that's a bit stuck, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. The new alternator is a bit more powerfull. Maybe this has got nothing to do with it and maybe even replacing the alternator isn't causing the problem, but the problem started after I replaced it. Does anybody know what could cause this problem? Thanks, Stefan
  3. Hi Bibs, Mine is a 1987 S3 Turbo Esprit HC and it is number 02 of the Limited Edition series of that year. It is in two tone red with a tan interieur. The chassis number is SCC082910HHD12451. Regards, Stefan Kivits Geleen, The Netherlands
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