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  1. Stunning mate, no other words for it! Ace colour, bags of attitude and styling to die for. Bet you're proper chuffed with your purchase! B) B)
  2. Yep, can verify that. I was worried bout this one shortly after I purchased but years on its just all part of the routine!
  3. LOTUS Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious (I can verify this one!!!) MITSUBISHI Manufactured In Taiwan Sold Under British Influence Shipped Here Incomplete NISSAN Need I Say Something About Nothing PORSCHE Proof Only Rich Snobby Children Have Everything SUBARU Stupid Urbanites Bumbling Around Rural Areas TOYOTA Totalled Only Yesterday, Officer Towed Away VOLKSWAGEN Very Old Lowered Kinky Sedan With A Great Engine Noise ACURA Always Catching Up, Rarely Ahead AUDI Always Under Diagnostic Inspection CHEVROLET Can Hear Every Valve, Rod, or Lifter Every Time CHRYSLER Company Has Recommended You Start Learning Engine Repair HONDA Had One, Never Did Again HYUNDAI Hold Your Usual Nitpicks, Designs Are Improved MASERATI Must Also Suggest Extra Rope And Towing Implements MERCEDES My Expensive Race Car Emits Dense Exhaust Smoke KIA Korean Industrial Accident TVR Towing Vehicle Required
  4. Fav Top Gear/Clarkson Video clip.... (even though the Esprit got spanked into third place) was the Supercar Shootout when the Cerbera showed all the other cars just what fast means! B) Mind you, if you check the whole video clip the V8 does give an Escort Cossie a royal whooping!!!! ......on another note I really do think that at least ONE year Jeremy Clarkson should consider shaving that poodle off his head for children in need or some other charity!
  5. Cheeky git... lol YES I am thankfully in the 30 something bracket sitting quite comfortably at 34... lol
  6. ok here's an easy one.... or.... ......VW CAMPER.....officially cooler than Ice since 1965.......
  7. Would have liked this but unfortunately got my TA night so cant make it... Need to get the motor out! lol
  8. I have a fantastic one that Ive used for a year and its not marked the paint one bit nor has it worn or let in any leaks! I cant remember the name as yet but I shall have a look when I get home. Cant recommend it enough!
  9. for further pictures and info why not contact the girl herself. However you may have to be patient for responses as she spends much of her time working on cruise ships! Elaine 07770 900333
  10. ........ In the Essex area and just got the yellow beast back so when's the next show or meet guys? Pauly B)
  11. Nah it was ME!! I was just picking it up after having my Gearbox rebuilt so preparing for a nice blat once the road led into the countryside!!!! hee hee I drove past the Army estate on my way to Layer. I take it this was what you saw.......
  12. ........goes to FAIRFAX MOTORSPORT in Colchester. James at Fairfax has completed some fairly extensive work on my Esprit and a very thorough and professional job on it he has done too! AND he wont charge to the extortionate prices we are all used to! He covers Servicing, tuning and repairs and is Essex based. I can personally vouch for the way that he looks after the cars too. (He'll even keep all the broken bits so he can show you what happened and what he has done!!! lol) SO.... if you are not a million miles away from Colchester and want some work done on your Esprit youcould do much worse that to give James and his team a call on 01206 769022
  13. Great Im totally up for that! (Providing the weather's not doing one of it's usuals!!!) It would be really great to meet a few other owners as Ive had the esprit approaching a year now and its hardly been used and Ive not met another owner yet!
  14. After many years of membership to various other car forums it seems really strange that there are not more "local" Esprit get togethers. For example there are a good few owners in Essex yet hardly any local meets? (Usually there are monthly meets for most marques) It seems that the only meets are the larger organised event meets such as Donny or Brands, and nothing more regular and localised. Perhaps our cars are just that bit rarer.......?
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