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  1. Greetings all! Has been sometime since I was able to visit, look around, and read up. Hope all is well... however, all is not well on my 88'. Honestly I am stumped. I have done a number of forum searches, looked at the 'books' to the point of being able to re-write the manual... I have been doing a bit of parts stocking up over the past few months, so I have tossed a number of parts at the problem since I actually had them and did not have to go "shopping" for more than just 1... the WUR. Issue: In short, the frequency valve is not propperly working. I replaced it with a new unit I
  2. No ice here... and that is why I am here! 76F and clear sky. For me, winter is the driving season!
  3. A bit of local honey eating in the spring will cut way down on allergies... Louise... you are correct. Think of bee stings like radiation. If you are allergic to bee stings there is a set amount you can get before over your life time it turns super critical fast. Each allergy is different and I know some people that ended up in the ER from the first one. But in any case, the allergy gets worse every time you get stung... epi pen could be a life saver if you are bad enough to have breathing issues after a sting...
  4. You'll be back up and going in no time... as for me... I gave up liquor and party life for sex. But as I am married for 16 years there is no danger of over doing anything.... LMAO! (but it ain't really funny)
  5. Autocross7


    Love it! I'll shall have to share...
  6. B-24... THAT is way cool. There is one named "Strawberry Bitch" that was to undergo restoration at one point in the 90's... but I never heard anything else about it in all these years. Someone told me that it ended up on permanent display at the USAF Air Museum in Dayton Ohio...
  7. Well, as there is not much is chiming about the vintage aircraft (and some maybe not so "vintage") on this side of the pond... I know these are still in the air on this side of the pond as I see them locally or at airshows. They are privately owned near by: (military used anyway) F4U Corsair F9F Panther B-17 Flying Fortress AT6 Texan/SNJ Jaybird F5A Tiger II Grumman Goose Waco biplane P-51 Mustang
  8. It has been a while since I checked up on little Lefty. Safe to say he is getting a much better and longer holiday than any of us! Good pics everyone! Cameron
  9. I am excited for the brand... but Indy has been ruined by the idea of "spec" racing. Against all hope, what i would like is for Indy to return to the pre Tony George days of real racing and not spec racing. Tony George has F'd up Indy like Bernie has F'd up F1. I still follow both, but they were so much better in the past... and could be great again!
  10. Bit bummed by this... I hate CNN. Love Lotus. ahhhh... mental conflict! LOL!
  11. Ahhh.... good to see the little guy again! And what a great scale rail set to keep him company!
  12. The comming Ice Age touted up in the 50's and 60's seems to have been laid to rest as well... Cameron
  13. Managed to see all of the episodes last evening. So different to see it in color... USAndretti42 is spot on with getting records. It is interesting. In my case it was easy, my grandfather is still alive. He served the US Navy on LST 1107 in the Pacific theater. A few years ago, I got his personal log book (he still has it) and framed up a South Pacific plot map for him with the dates and navigational chartings drawn up on the plot. Vella Lavella, Tinian, Peleliu, Philippines, Okinawa... it was interesting even to him to see where he was and when at a glance. Cameron
  14. I hope that this crap gets resolved in one way or other. The real trouble is that these shite heads will go on to become adult shite heads too.. and then they vote and suddenly they are all victims. BS I say. I was lucky to attend a school with a class that is still very much in touch with one another. We all seemed to help eachother out when we needed it. A very strange class indeed (about 250 kids in my class). I never really realized how lucky I was and how ununsual my class was until the 20th graduation reunion when we all came tgether again and the teachers etc. were still talking about u
  15. Great photos! I never have seen the Concord close up. What a great machine killed by lobby groups and politics... I have seen the XB-70 Valkyrie up close and personal... similar delta wing approach but many time larger than the Concord. Many times faster as well... Technology, in many respects, has stalled a good deal IMO. Cameron
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