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  2. really? 3 years off the road, you've had 2000 miles out of it and 22 grand? 20 grand plus another 2 grand? sorry! something seriously wrong here.. push it down the road and set fire to it................ Mines not the tidiest S4s, the wheels need re-doing, and it needs a re-spray, which will be done at some point, but I drive it most days.
  3. The best advice I can give is to buy the best guitar you can afford. A bad guitar will be hard to play and only make your hands hurt and so make you not want to play. As for the type of music, start with what you like, start slow, start steady and be patient.
  4. The vacuum switch supplied with this kit didn't have a wide enough setting so the pump just switched on and off constantly, hence the addition of a timed relay.
  5. When my vac pump failed i bought one of these kits Sort of worked but I ended up needing to supplement it with a timed relay and one way valve so that the pump would keep running for a few seconds or so after creating the required vacuum. Otherwise it would it would cycle constantly on and off when vac was reached. Been installed for a few years now.
  7. How would you jump start a car when the battery isn't connected? I've had to jump start a couple of times, not been an issue.
  8. I've got the Larini twin exit on my S4s. Love the sound of it though it is quite loud but with the windows wound up I don't find it tiring on motorway journeys or anything, cabin seems to be quite well soundproofed. The only issue I had with it was a dodgy weld on one support bracket which they replaced no problem.. Also it can set of a few car alarms when driving through the works car park
  9. I had the same dilemma a few months ago and ended up with a SAAB 93 Aero Very nice car, quick enough, never had a SAAB before and I wish I'd had had one sooner
  10. Mark I've watched that vid 4 times now...... What guitar ! was there guitars in it? Think I need to watch it again !
  11. Anyone else heard of these guitars? They have models called Elise Exige Eclat Esprit And Elan.....
  12. 72 or 1000, they don't actually stipulate that the virgins in question are of the opposite sex
  13. I think this says it all from my point of view
  14. Hold finger on the button to close the window, once it's closed keep finger on the button for a few more seconds and you'll hear a faint click. Job done.
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