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  1. I had a similar situation with my S4s about a year ago, not the high idle but the stumbling, it turned out to ba a cracked elbow joint on the pipe that connects onto the MAP sensor. Apparently they age over time and crack the part cost 40pence and it was like driving a new car. Maybe you should check yours, it's under the drivers side (UK) cover, where you've done the ram air mod.
  2. My car has the front towing eye but the AA and RAC refuse to use towing eyes on the front of cars, particularly when loading onto low loaders, trust me I know , if your doing it for this reason then it's pretty pointless.
  3. Anyone have or know the best place to get a replacement servo pump? Mine seems dead, There's 12 volts on the connector into the pump but no action. I think the part No. is A082J6175, SJ's don't list the part so I'll phone them on Monday, but if anyoune else has any advice it would be appreciated.
  4. What about these Keira Knightley Nick Nolte Janis Joplin Cindy Crawford Rob Reiner Charlie Chaplin Forgot this one Marion Morrison (John Waynes real name)
  5. Now you know where I've been the last year
  6. lrg_machine


    All I'll say about U2 is The Edge! My Ar5e
  7. This is one I use Very good bit of software if you don't mind the midi sounds.
  8. Tony Akmal is in the USA so sweets are candy and that doesn't really work.... Then you'll get into the whole Color / Colour and Aluminium / Aluminum debacle, and it's all down hill from there
  9. What they don't show is the hotplate under the table. We've also tried this one as well, with about half a dozen mobiles and nothing, so this one I think is rigged.
  10. Just tried this with a BMW Mini and couldn't get it to work over Vodafone with a Nokia 6300, are there specific mobile networks or phones this might work on? I'd have thought the network carriers would be filtering out all other frequencies not required for the mobile anyway, so can't really see how this can work.
  11. I'd have thought that would be pretty nasty if there was an accident, battery dead or broken and you wanted out of the car quick, not so if dead locks stop that. Maybe that's why they're called dead locks But Snuffys right in that Ive had bat flatteries and had no problem with the dead locks using the keys, just have to turn the key in the opposite direction first to release the dead lock.
  12. <Conspiracy mode - on> Every e-mail you send goes through huge servers that look at the content and as long as it doesn't contain Flight numbers and the word bomb somewhere you've nothing to worry about, if you think e-mails aren't checked and scanned...... <Conspiracy mode - off> As for e-mails from banks, well..... what more can I say. No bank, none of them, not a single one, will EVER send you an e-mail about your account and give you links to log into your account. So many people do get caught like this and it's not stupidity on your part just ignorance of the fact that your bank should never put your account at risk like this. Rule of thumb - e-mail from bank - delete it and wait for the offer to come in the post. want to check your account - browse to your banks secure web site yourself and never use links on e-mails.
  13. True The person below doesn't get this thread!
  14. Just a few words of advice, as I've just finished laying exactly the same B&Q flooring throughout my house which was just under 60 packs of the stuff 1. the sticky back underlay is OK IF the concrete floor you're laying onto is perfectly flat, if not when you walk on the wood after the floor will creak. 2. Don't use the 3mm underlay and glue the tounge and groove as in floating floor. again if the concrete isn't perfect or the planks are not perfect then walking on the floor afterwards will be like walking on bubble wrap, I found this out the hard way 3. I'd wholy reccommend gluing the wood down to the concrete and using rewmar adhesive, it's non toxic, no solvents, doesn't smell is very sticky but a little expensive at a cost of approx
  15. Tony I use my S4s one week on one week off with my other daily driver all year round and I've had the car for 4 years now and it's probably cost me
  16. Britain from Above Is on BBC 1 Now
  17. Had to share this Robots in disguise
  18. Do we know what day this is going to be yet? Sorry if I've missed seeing the date
  19. I use the Admiral multicar policy. costs
  20. Just had a renewal notice from the AA for
  21. Paul I did send you a PM not sure if you got it. I have 2 of these cables if you're interested
  22. I had mine (futuras) done by BJV over a year ago and the car lives outside all year and they still look fine, no signs of corrosion. I did go for the cut polish and ceramic laquer coat. cost was
  23. SCC082910SHA64022 1995 Lotus Racing Green S4s J. Edwards Berkshire UK lrg_machine
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