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  1. Anyone else in the Berkshire area? I think the Berkshire And Districts Lotus Esprit Group is in order (BADLEG)
  2. Now, that was funny Loved the "Self Destruct"
  3. For the car But glad you're OK, that's all that really matters!
  4. One of my colleagues just came back from a business trip to Saudi. average 20p per litre One of the Saudi residents he was with was changing his car from a big 4x4 to a more "economical" car because he was fed up spending so much time on forecourts filling the 4x4 up. Different world !
  5. Sorry to hear about your gear change problems, I've still got 2 gear change cables doing nothing, but unfortunately they are for the 93 onwards S4 so I don't think they'll fit yours.
  6. Closer look. It doesn't have the wheel arch extensions either!
  7. When I had my wheels refurbed, I seriously thought about balck centres as well, but then decided that it might look a bit 80's with the silver rim. Chris, your wheels look lush with that colour car, good job mate
  8. He's a bit hopeful !! Not an S4s ! Wrong wheels, wrong wing, 91,000 miles 15 Grand................... Sorry if it's someone on here!
  9. I'm with Kimbers... I'm a bloke. I can't read and watch at the same time, that's multitasking. Anyone going to see AvP II ? Opens this Firday I think.
  10. I think the facts are that Steve's alright and will sort you out with parts and knowledge................... Until something goes wrong, if you need to return something that might cost him a few quid, then his abrupt manner only gets worse, never mind the fact that if sorted out the mistakes with the same gusto as he sells the parts then some of us would be more than happy to use him again.
  11. Can't modify them, the ends are totally different and one needs to be about 2 foot longer than the other. I just hate giving someone who got ar5y with me, just because I wanted to return something, the money, when sods law says that as soon as he's got the cables back he'll get an order for some from someone else and be quids in........
  12. Chrome orange with matt black wheels gets my vote
  13. I think that's where the problem lies for me then, I've had the parts for about 3 weeks now while I tried to figure out why my car was so different to the manuals etc. I'll try and get my dosh back but I don't think Steve is going to budge, he actually got a bit snotty the last time I spoke to him and accused me of taking the p155 when I told him the cables weren't correct for my car. They should be correct, but as I was unaware my car had been modified by a previous owner what was I supposed to do?
  14. C'mon the SE or is that Common, the SE Sorry couldn't resist
  15. Does anybody want / need 2 off gear change cables for a 93 onwards S4 / S4s / 4 Cylinder SJ charged me
  16. Sites like youtube usually get blocked not because of viruses, but due to bandwidth. We had a problem where every luchtime peoples internet connections would grind to a halt and the people doing legitimate "work" were complaining, turned out it was everyone going onto youtube and other streaming sites during their luch break and using up all the available bandwidth streaming videos totally unrelated to anything work wise.
  17. Tony's probably connecting via VPN tunnel to his works network, in which case if they've blocked access to certain sites then he's stuffed, there are ways round it but I'd be inclined to get a access at home separate from the work access, some companies can be a bit funny about the internet and if they find out he's circumventing sites they've specifically blocked then he could be in all sorts of trouble.... I work from home a lot and connect to the works network for business during the day, then disconnect and go on line via my own connection. it's the safest way.
  18. Scroll further down and watch the Lada Donut :D
  19. Cheers guys! And happy birthday to you too Owen, don't know about you but I'm 21 Again
  20. Were they ready salted hula hoops? You don't want to know where the barbeque flavour comes from
  21. Good on yer Clarkson, but having said that he was lucky one of the scumbags didn't have a blade or worse. I knew a guy that politely asked someone on the tube to turn down his music player and all he got for his trouble was a stanley knife blade dragged across his hand while he tried to protect himself. It's a sad world that this sort of thing happens really Clarkson for prime minister, then he can bring in licensing to stop these people breeding !!!!! Flood gates open...... Next!!!
  22. Do we think this was a Lotus build then? Would any owner go to all this trouble?
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