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  1. Got a busted rod end, thought it was the cable broken at first, that's when the differences were noticed, the fact that the translator was "missing" and one cable went a lot further than the other, and looking at the manual as you say page 544, I thought, ehhhh! wat's going on here then. All a bit strange !
  2. My 1995 S4s "Appears" to have been fitted with the 98 onwards V8 gear change mechanism, i.e. gear lever mechanism, cables and linkages, so there's no translator etc. Anyone think of any reason why this might have been done? Do I have a V8 gearbox fitted to my 4 pot? How do I tell? Confused? I am !!!!
  3. Bibs I've copied some text from one of your previous posts, can this info be pinned to one or all of the technical sections, it took a while to find and I'm sure other people will find it useful as well What a lot of people are not aware of is that Lotus has a Technical Support department. These people are employed to help us, amongst other owners to keep our cars on the roads. They deal with all of Lotus' cars from inception which are no longer in production and offer technical advice on all aspects of the cars from sourcing parts to spring rates and which grease to use on splines. These people are here to help us and to be honest I didn't know until yesterday that I could call the factory and get technical and parts help for my 18 year old car! Please use this facility, call Lotus on 01953-608000 and ask for Technical Support, you'll be amazed at the knowledge these guys have and how much they can do for you
  4. According to Google This is me and this is my ex-girlfriend If only...... If only ! I had to put in my name + Esprit to get anything actually related
  5. There's a web site called "Experts Exchange" only trouble is they didn't hypenate the domain and registered it as all one word. If read incorrectly it looks like Expert Sex Change and aonther one for Pen Island
  6. Toto the dog was paid $125 a week for the Wizard of Oz film, more than most actors including I think Dorothy (Judy Garland)
  7. Some things seem to be more accepted as "replicas", I'd love a GT40 replica but wouldn't be seen dead in a lambo replica of any kind. both copies can be around the same price to do and both originals are around the same price to buy, but one always seems more desirable than the other. It's your car, so do what you will, don't let comments about resale value sway you either way as Alan says it's what you want from the car. Also I can't decide if I actually like the lime green one on LEW or not......... Now THAT'S a brave colour choice
  8. No ! Because your seat belt anchor points are all rusty and break off causing your seat belt to fail, sending you carrering thtough the windscreen at the speed of a bullet! Obviously
  9. Anyone know how difficult it is to replace the gearchange cables on a S4s Got a broken one, luckily it snapped while I was getting the car Motd, so it's still there at the moment.
  10. I can't think who "Lazambre queegle" drums for ! Least I think that's what it says on the stick
  11. The saying "The whole nine yards" apparently came from the WWII fighter planes that had ammunition belts 9 yards long, when the planes came back empty they had given "the whole nine yards".
  12. Not quite right, I think the mythbusters on one episode folded a rather large piece of paper 11 times. Here's a random fact (film star) Nicholas Cages' real last name is Nicholas Kim Coppola and he's Francis Ford Coppolas nephew.
  13. Got it. I had ticked both boxes, make and model. oohhh errr techno fear !!!!
  14. I made the selections and ticked the boxes but the search doesn't seem to work! Each time I get back all results not just the S1s'
  15. Sounds like good fun, I'll be up for that
  16. Went to see Heaven & Hell last Sunday at Wembley (Black Sabbath with Ronnie J Dio) Cracking gig and to think Dio is still going strong at 65 Gary Moore on the first still got the blues tour at Hammersmith Dream Theater at the Marquee for their first UK gigs (back in the day) Def Leppard at Hammersmith (On Throu' the Night before they went all pop-y) Man-0-war at the Marquee (Recipe for tinnitus if ever there was one) ANY of the Thin Lizzy gigs (old and reformed) Eagles in Manchester (Hell Freeze Over tour) Regrets Never saw Queen
  17. So when're you taking bookings then?
  18. Pete Sorry to hear about the misjugementification, been there done that myself. Sportomotive did a bang up job of repairing my drivers door when I had a similar problem with the organic / machine interface.
  19. may i refer you to this and the remarks it generated last time ! Just say NO
  20. I have an Eclaaaa as well as an Espreee but when someone asks and I reply Lotus Eclaaa all I get is "ehhhh ! a what?" to which I reply Lotus Eclaaaattt But I alwalys pronounce Esprit "Espreeee"
  21. So what do they wrap bubble wrap in for posting to charge you post AND packaging for packaging? If you get what I mean
  22. Snuffy Wasn't L&, but used to use them James Usually the reply when you tell them that the quote on line is cheaper is "That's only if you renew or apply on line sir." or "that discount is for new policies, not re-newals" At least those are the reponces I've had in the past. I won't repeat MY usual responce to those remarks
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