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  1. Reminds me. Did the same with my house insurance last year. Got the renewal quote for about
  2. I got the same responce from the RAC about renewal about 1 month ago, in that to renew would have cost me
  3. I agree with Jon on this one, as I've seen it in the flesh, so to speak, and what has been done, has been done very well, the guy's obviously spent a lot of time & money on doing it, but.............. It's still god awful to look at, plus the fact that it's been done to an 88 NA !!!!!! The V8 badge is a bit of a joke, the air scoops! what was he thinking? For the money he spent on the wheels alone he could have saved that & got himself a very decent turbo Esprit
  4. Engine and Turbo wategate whhoopwwhoopwhooop is my soundtrack
  5. MkIII Cortina 2.0L GT 2 tone blue KRX 246P so that makes it 1976 ( i think)
  6. Film doesn't have a title yet, but there's some stuff about it but all speculation at the mo. Look for the "Bad Robot" production company logo
  7. Some Favs If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. Frank: "You are what you eat!" Marie: "Someone get him his order of miserable bastard." "Zeds' dead baby! Zed's dead......."
  8. Have to say Leon (Natalie Portman - a true star in the making) Pulp Fiction (superb film but brings back some bad memories for me) Aliens (better than Alien which is still a crackin' film) Also I thought Naughty Nurses 2 was alright !!!!!
  9. Dare I ask? What'd you pay for a set that's been recon'd Sorry if it's a bit rude asking just curious what they're going for.
  10. My Ex who works as a nurse was caught last month for 26 in a 20 beat that! Thing is she was on 9 points before this one and now she's got a 6 MONTH BAN, the other offences were SP30s' The reason they gave her........... She works in casualty so she should know better about the perils of speeding. 26 in a f**in 20 after midnight when she's coming off a 16 hour shift, all the magistrates were over 70 and I bet not one of them could see straight without milk bottle glasses on the end of their noses, and I guarantee not one of them stuck to the speed limits on their way home either. ohhhhh! it makes me soooo mad.....
  11. I used 2 hides to retrim my Eclat but that was without doing the 2 front seats but I did do the rear seats, door panels, rear inner panels, dash and centre console, so 2 hides is more than enough for an Esprit.
  12. I think, what we need is the Homer Simpson "Every things OK" alarm It emits a piercing beep every two seconds that means everythings OK, if it stops then there's something gone wrong.
  13. Here you go... the man in question What a tit !
  14. There's no evidence for anything smaller than quarks, but there's still time to bust one of those open and watch some other crap pour out If space is indeed infinite in all directions, does that mean that no matter where we all are, we are all at the exact centre of the universe at the same time?
  15. A. Beause you said "No! that dress doesn't make you look's your poor diet and lack of exercise makes you ulook fat." Q. There's triple A, double A, A, C and D size batteries... Why no B?
  16. A. To incite a response in the recipient without requiring an answer Q. Who invented sliced bread?
  17. If they just killed themselves that'd be fine, but it's usually some poor innocent bu66er that get taken out at the same time.
  18. Is stupidity a medical condition??? I don't think so.
  19. Now I want to make this point at the begining, I'm sorry for what Happened to Glyns brother......... But just because it motor cyclist against's not always the car driver that's to blame. I had a motor cyclist behind me this very morning, RIGHT up my ar5e, I was two car lengths from the car in front on a twisty country road, he then proceeded to overtake me with traffic coming the other way and forced me to hit the brakes so that he had room to get in. I was in the Esprit so it's lucky that I even saw him behind me. It's idiots like this that really get my goat and all I can say is that bikers like that deserve all they get. As I said at the start I'm not saying this is Glyns brother at all and I've always felt that EVERYONE should have to take a driving test every 5 or 10 years and display proof like the tax disc ( but don't get me started on that one ) Another incident about a year ago right outside my house. Biker boasting to people in the square that he could reach 100MPH before he reached the end of the street. He nearly made it, if it weren't for the car that pulled out of a side road not realising that someone on a bike would be coming up the fairly quiet country village road at close to 100 MPH. You can guess the rest. not a pretty sight ! The police were questioning some people in the local shop and one of the comments was F**k me he's gunning it, then there was a loud bang....... I'm just trying to say that it's not always the car driver, and bikers need to take just as much resonsibility.
  20. Here's Mr. Cllr himself With contact details
  22. Checking the bushes on the car ! or maybe the girls work for these people
  23. Well, Teigan is generally a girls name.
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