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  1. A broke thing............ Cars in for a zorst manifold change, only trouble is 2 of the studs have sheared, and it looks like some ar5e has done this before, as a couple of the studs look like they're only screwed in by 2 or 3 threads, which begs the question whats in the hole under the stud. So this looks like a head off job to get the botched studs drilled out properly. Also taking the zorst off has revealed a poorly turbo So i'll be phoning turbo technics tomorrow to see what their exchange rates are and I expect SJ will be glad of some more of my hard earned. Going to go and stamp my feet now. If anyones got any other suggestion on tackling the head / studs / turbo ! ! !
  2. You mean there was an organic interface error.
  3. I'll meet you at the Membury (Swindon) services
  4. Jon I've used these guys in the past and they seem pretty good And have a look at this
  5. As we're all quick to condemn, I thought I'd post something nice about a supplier. I ordered a new exhaust manifold on Monday, it was with me by Wednesday, there was one problem that I found out this morning, the nuts supplied for the new studs weren't the right size, so I phoned them this morning, they realised their mistake, didn't quibble, were very apologetic, and are sending out the replacement nuts today. They'll certainly get repeat business from me......
  6. 31 1 - Jez 2 - Yes 1995 S4s 3 - No 4 - Yes (Sunday night + Monday night) 5 - No 6 - Yes 7 - Yes 8 - Wiltshire / Berkshire
  7. Have a look at this one, not so much funny as impressive.
  8. So this guys either a con merchant or a complete t1t..... Almost every question he answers with, "It's not damaged" and "It's HPI clear".
  9. From reading the listing the cars NOT a write off and he's using it as an every day car, it's in full order and is selling it....... Just a bit at a time.............. Shame to see a perfectly good cars go out this way, but if he thinks he can get more money for the bits than a whole car. Good luck, personally i think he'll sell off the major bits then he'll be left with a shell and unable to shift it and a few grand down on the whole car price.
  10. Here you go A link to the DVLA that should explain it Your chassis should have a serial number on it, but the body with the VIN plate attached is what they go by. an excerpt from the link In order to retain the original registration mark: * Cars and Car-Derived Vans must use: The original unmodified chassis or unaltered bodyshell (i.e. body and chassis as one unit - monocoque); or A new chassis or monocoque bodyshell of the same specification as the original supported by evidence from the dealer/manufacturer (e.g. receipt)
  11. P.S. All parts suppliers list the "backbone" as a chassis not a subframe, a subframe tends to be another set of framework suspended and isolated from the main "chassis" to connect suspension components to reduce noise and vibration, but I wait to be corrected.
  12. Nick You can replace a Chassis / "subframe" without requiring testing or a Q plate and keep the existing Reg. See my post earlier. These things only need doing if a certain percenatge of the car is being replaced or renewed. The DVLA states that if a chassis is being replaced with a used one then testing may be required and even then a Q plate is not guaranteed to be issued.
  13. When I replaced the chassis ( long metal backbone ) on my Eclat with a brand new one, the DVLA said they did these sort of things on a points system so the body, engine, chassis, transmission etc all take part. So if you change more than one of these with new or used parts from other vehicles then the identity of the original vehicle becomes one or the other. Replacing just the chassis ( backbone and engine frame ) wont affect your car as long as you have a receipt for the new / used one, and the vin number which should be on a plate on the body will remain the same. Also if it's a second hand chassis then the DVLA might make you get the car tested in which case you could end up with a Q plate on the car. So it's up to you if you tell them or not.
  14. lrg_machine

    MS Vista

    I'd agree with that totally Fishy. I'm a .NET developer and have NEVER had my Windows PC's / servers do the BS of Death in 2 years of development on the platform. I've had the od crash where things slow down a bit but that's usually due to some dodgy code... People who say that windows is unstable, either don't know how to maintain it or take it upon themselves to muck about with settings and features they should not be let loose on.
  15. lrg_machine


    Going eastbouund at around 5:45PM yesterday, Reg H24 XXX I was the guy in the white Supra that gave you the thumbs up
  16. The front's don't have a chrome finish, they're just polished, so I'd guess that you could do the same to the back dish. Worth some thought !
  17. Can't the OZ's be split apart and then reversed? i.e. bolt back together with the inside dish on the outside and vice versa. It'd probably shift the track outwards but not by much.
  18. Update ! Afraid it's a frayed throttle cable, causing it to stick. New one's on order but probably won't be here till Saturday / Monday. Another week without my baby
  19. As soon as the engines started it'll go to 3K then 4 then 5,6 all within a few seconds. It first happended when I went to change gear and I thought AAAARRGGGGHHHH ! QUICK WHERE'S THAT KEY The TPS is back on, I was reaching at that point, with no tools or other stuff......... Even when the car was restarted and in gear (getting me back to civilisation) it was steadily accelerating, so it was doing it under load as well.. Luckily the wine is starting to kick in and at this point I don't care anymore, well not until tomorrow anyway.
  20. Jono Yep, does it when restarted. with or without the TPS connected. Throttle jack was disconnected ages ago. I thought the throttle was stuck but it seems to be moving freely. I'll have a go with freescan in the morning, but at the moment a couple of bottles of wine are calling, sorry, shouting at me.............................
  21. P.S. Was planning on coming to Castle Coombe.............. Looks like that's up the spout.
  22. OK then! Picked up my car tonight after having the rear brakes sorted. New discs, pads, st/st hoses and recon'd calipers. took the car for a drive to make sure all was OK and after about 6 miles the revs suddenly pegged over to max, so I VERY quickly turned off the ignition and coasted to a stop. (it's a heavy car with no power assistance) luckily I was on a deserted country road so no danger, except, I was on a deserted country road so no help. I managed to start the car and get it into gear before the revs pegged again and got it the mile or so to the next village. So. RAC, lo-loader (seem to be using these a lot at the moment) and then back. Anybody got any ideas? why would the revs suddenly go mad like that. The throttle / pedal doesn't seem to be sticking. I unplugged the TPS sensor to see if that was sending false WOT signals. No Joy.
  23. 127 (Depending on date) 1. Jez 2. 95 S4s 3. 0 4. B&B 5. Wiltshire
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