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  1. Unfortunately for those that paid full price, it's just luck of the draw. You can't NOT have discounted or knock down prices just beacuse someone might have paid more for it yesterday, this morning, last week or whatever, there's been plenty of instances where I've bought something only to find it elsewhere later at a fraction of the price. And at those prices for the split rims Gimmie Gimmie !!!
  2. Ideal Job ??? Someone who helps this lot into and out of their costumes for each show. I don't care if I get paid or not
  3. Martyn I use mine as a dialy driver but I also have an old Rover that I bought for a few hundred quid so that days like today when it's frosty and icy I'll take the Rover, when I go and visit friends and they don't have a driveway to park the car on I'll take the Rover, or just taking stuff down the tip ............ Don't limit yourself, you'll soon find you need another car just to do all the crap stuff in.
  4. Cheers matey ! Shown you mine, now lets see yours. ooerrrr missus !
  5. Slade Luurrrve "The Paul" unusual colour ? The Lags are hard to find anywhere outside France not just the US
  6. Slade This was on the chair These are on the wall And they're not Jacksons Fernandes, much more playable for me than Jacksons.
  7. Jussi The stuff in the rack used to be part of my gig rig. Noise gate Chorus 32 band Eq Delay Distortion and Wireless Now I just use a simple on the floor Zoom unit, does everything the other stuff used to and is sooooooo much less hassle. Below that hidden behind the PC side panel there's a Marshall rack valve pre-Amp and a 2 channel 200Watt Marshall rack valve power amp. If it's too loud, you're too old........
  8. Here's mine ! I think I need to have a tidy
  9. So going by that, a country is it's own entity and has no bearing on the people that live there ? Teigan you do talk some complete and utter bollox. That said, The UK says shut it Teigan!
  10. Roger There's no (real) problem driving these cars every day. I do! even in the wet. The only time I don't take the Esprit is if there is a frost or the roads are icy. Driving in the wet is fine if you're alert and not too heavy with the right foot, there's enough power there to get it fish-tailing in a straight line in "4th" gear, I've done it, that's where you learn to back off. Teigan makes a good point, these cars and the position of the handbrake means that hill starts are an art, and need practice. Don't ride the clutch Also driving the car is much better for it than letting it stand because it's been raining. So get out there, get one, and drive it as much as you can. It can only be a good thing.
  11. There's no vote option for Yes it's nice but i'd rather have the Squad of Wet Highschool Cheerleaders
  12. If there was going to be any difference, you wouldn't notice it on 1 tank.......
  13. unleaded is not a problem in any of the 9XX series engines. As the heads are "ali" the valve seats are already hard enough not to require leaded fuel or lead replacements / additives. Don't know why Sj think different. My 78 Eclat is fine with unleaded the 1980 S2.2 I had was fine with unleaded Everybody else I've ever talked to says the same. If anybody else knows different please spaek now.
  14. If she lies the other way round she'll be a bit more aerodynamic
  15. Nice one chap ! Id have to agree, mine sounds like Dr Zoidberg on heat with gear changes! WooobWooobWooobWooobWooobWooob :( :(
  16. foil hat? I never take mine off
  17. And don't be holding a golf club Be flying a kite Be holding a javelin The Esprit body though ! would it act as a Farady cage? I don't think so ! even if the roof / panels were lined with foil to act as an effective cage each part has to be electrically connected, and we all know how well lotus earthing tends to work.
  18. 1984 trying to convince Teigan to buy a Ferrari????????????????
  19. F*** me! I never thought i'd agree with Teigan, but he is right that lightening travels from the ground upwards. but it's not so much attacking the tallest object but the object it leaves last. Confused yet??????????????????????
  20. Dont worry just found it Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  21. That first vid is stunning, forget too much time on your hands, genius I say ! Also I want to know what the music is
  22. My speedo works ! but the Odometer in it stopped working for about 50 miles ?????/// Figure that one out !
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