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  1. I've added a pic to the garage where you can see the size of the speedo the rev counter is same size then above and between the two is the clock, to the left is the turbo boost and oil pressure, to the right is fuel and water temp.
  2. That does look very different to mine, Lotus must have revised the dash when they revised the wiring around 1995 as I'm sure I've seen other S4 with the same dash as mine.
  3. I don't think so ! What does your dash look like and I'll compare them to mine.
  4. OMFG That's really sad ! and $149 for that POS There was another thing I saw a while ago that had like a spark plug arrangement fitted on the end of the exhaust so that you could ignite any unburnt fuel.
  5. Check the top of the chargecooler, it should say Lotus Sport instead of just Lotus or chargecooler, it should have the S4s decals in the quarter windows, it sould be fitted with Brembo brakes. Other differences are going to be hard to tell, like turbo should be the larger T3/60, different chip etc.
  6. I think the US spec S4s had the same size wheels as the S4 and so didn't need the arch extensions to stop the wheel protrusion. I may be talking complete bum here but i have seen pics of other S4s's without the wheel extensions.
  7. Don't bother asking PNM for one, I ordered one from them 3 months ago and still no sign of it, so I gave up on them and am looking in getting a custom built system from the turbo down. Although I will take Pauls advice and order a new O2 sensor first.
  8. OK Update Saturday is here, and I get to look for the problem. So open up the car, can't see anything amiss, start her up and, you've guessed it. The bloody thing is working again! Cars ! ! don't you just luv em !
  9. I think you only get a Q plate if enough of the car was replaced to make it unrecognisable as the original car, hence the re-registration. i.e you have a 96V8 and the replace most of the parts from a broken 2002V8, your car is then indistinguishable and can't be re-registered as a 2002. so you end up with a Q plate. If the original car is repaired, then you won't necessarily get a Q plate. The same reason most kit cars end up on Q plates, can't tell what year the car is !
  10. lrg_machine

    Refuse to pay the bill !!!!! Refer it to Lotus and trading standards, see what they say.
  11. Cheers chap I've got all the old gauges from an Elite I broke a few years back, I'm sure one of those will be good enough to test things out, just to see where the fault lies.
  12. Anyone got a piccy of where the oil pressure sender is. I've looked in the service notes but can't see the location of the sender unit. Cheers
  13. Jon Let me know how you get on, maybe they'll do a deal for two
  14. OK Driving to work this morning and noticed the oil pressure gauge was suddenly reading ZERO, off the scale, NOTHING AT ALL.. Pulled over, panicked, looked, listened, and noticed the low oil pressure telltale wasn't lit but does come on when tested with the ignition. There is plenty of oil, and no oil being lost, and removing the oil filler there is fresh oil up top. Dead gauge? Dead sender? Any thoughts. Also realised blood pressure is inversly proportional to oil pressure
  15. One word Larini Three syllables EX - PEN - SIVE They wanted nearly
  16. Show us the bill. I just can not work out how someone can spend 200 hours on one engine.......... I have NEVER rebuilt an engine, but I'd stake my life I could do it in less time, even waiting for parts to turn up, which wouldn't count in the labour costs anyway.
  17. 13K isn't just a lot, it's ****kin extortionate Based on the average working week the mechanic would have to be working on the engine for over 5 WEEKS solidly to get a labour charge of 200 hours. Now either that's gross incompetence or this is a wind up.....................
  18. lrg_machine

    You have got to be kidding............... THIRTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS for just an engine rebuild surely that was a body off, ground up restoration with all new parts and replacing every nut and bolt with polished stainless steel and new leather interior. You seriously didn't pay
  19. It depends on how the pipes are routed to get gasses out the second exit, but the power losses will only be a few HP if any and as far as I'm concered well worth it as I like the twin exit systems as well, especially the 2002 style centre exit which makes the back end of the car look even wider. Maybe I'll have a word with the guys that did Dermots exhaust, they're not far from where I live, so if I find out a cost I'll let you know Jon
  20. I don't think we're being hyper-sensitive. What if someone said your girlfriend / wife is a moose on national TV. what would you do? Personally I'd lamp him and make sure it was filmed. Just my 2p
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