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  1. Absolutely fishy I know it would be bad for me, and I know it would destroy me, but, I'd still kill for a Countach
  2. See ! LAST Lotus cars are GREEN and yellow, that says it all really. P.S. Tiegan do you EVER have anything to say that's not aspersing, belittling, calumnious, censorious, contumelious, critical, damaging, decrying, defamatory, degrading, demeaning, deprecatory, depreciative, despiteful, detracting, discreditable, disdainful, dishonoring, disparaging, fault-finding, humiliating, injurious, malevolent, malicious, maligning, minimizing, opprobrious, reproachful, sarcastic, scornful, slanderous, slighting, spiteful, uncomplimentary, unfavorable, unflattering, vilifying about Lotus
  3. I was being sarcastic about the poll Anyway Green Green Green British car British Racing GREEN Lotus logo GREEEEEEN with a splash of yellow somewhere So there !
  4. Munchy ! I use my S4s as an everyday car and it's great, like you I have back problems and find the Esprit is the only car I can drive decent distances without siezing up, must be something to do with the proper driving position these cars put you in. I also had a go in an Exige some moths back and thought it was fantastic, hard ride but strangely very comfortable, but again, it was a real bugger to get in and out of, I also though that for straight line speed it wasn't a patch on my S4s but cornering it was something else So you pays yer money yer takes yer choice.
  5. I think a "I've still got a green Lotus" is called for Look, Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks in front of some red thing driven by some bloke called Fangio Maybe we need a poll as to the best colour for an Esprit, or has that been done !
  6. Has no one else noticed the dates on the original post is Nov 2004 I'm hoping the car is fixed by now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Jason How much do you want for it? PM me if you don't want to post a price
  8. Paul Tax it online ! I did mine Saturday, they search the insurance databases and if you've had the new style MOT then there will be no problem Then you can get your insurance cert at your leisure
  9. Nahh ! You'd need to refit smaller more direct beam units, then limit the rotation on the motor, and reverse it to hide them again.
  10. I Know exactly what you mean, it's just they pop up tooooo far...... I always liked the ( dare I say it ) BMW 800 series popups. They come up about a third of the way the Esprit ones do and just seem to look mean. Now, if I could just get those lights into the pods on my Esprit and limit the amount they rise. oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
  11. The guys from Lotus say you should be able to change gear with one finger so if you loose any don't worry..........
  12. Absolutely ! I have mine as my daily driver. It costs me enough to run so I'm damn sure I'm gonna drive it. Plus, it never makes me complacent and always puts a smile on my face, even going to work in the morning..............
  13. I've never used him personally, and only met him once, so not wanting to sound too negative I have heard others say his name and the words barge pole in the same sentence. Take that as you will.
  14. Any decent garage would have notified the client that it was obviously going to be difficult to take apart and that there may be a possibility of breaking the hub carrier, in which case you'd be liable if they had it on your authority to go ahead, if they just went ahead and did it without any consent from you then they should stump up the full cost of the parts and labour and only charge you for the work you initially requested. Garages are insured for these sort of mishaps and as a good will thing should not charge you. Also as Ray said, it should have been pressed out, if they don't have a press they should have taken it to someone who does. Stand your ground.
  15. If your brake lights wont come on then it usually a fuse somewhere or the switch is stuck, possible but unlikely, usually if the switch comes out of align with the pedal then your lights don't go off. As for the temp reading, without freescan I'd put that to the top of your list, if the rad fans are switching on and off OK then it's going to be the sender that Dave pointed out, this seems to fail on a lot of cars around this age, it's unlikely that the gauge is dead, which is good as the sender unit is only about
  16. Dave PM me and let me know how much, I'm very interested as I'm ahving trouble getting one at the moment.
  17. He's got a nice yellow P reg V8 for sale at
  18. Paul This isn't Stocks Coachworks. It's Nick Warren, he's also gat a few up for sale on LEW as well.
  19. Nice one Simon I'll be on it first thing tomorrow. Sure I've got some alcohol around here somewhere
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