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  1. Also check the UJ's on the drive shafts if they're worn then they'll knock as they take up "slack" when you pull away.
  2. I agree, it looks very nice..... but what about heat dissipation. I thought one of the reasons for cast iron manifolds on turbo cars was that they soak up and dissipate more heat.
  3. Just booked mine in there today for next Tuesday so keep off
  4. I had the screen on my S4s fitted by RAC auto windscreens and apart from them getting the wrong screen first ( didn't have the sun strip which I insisted on it having ) they fitted it no problem, I had to wait a few hours before driving off but found them curteous and competent. Although when they phoned me to book the car in they said "We can pick the car up and deliver it back to you if you like" My reply Like F**K you will, I'll bring it to your depot.
  5. Carl The best way to test for leaks is to start from basics so, remove the main pipe on the pump so that all you have is the pump itself, then connect each section blocking the ends along the way, you'll soon find which connection is letting air back ito the system. Although if you say the pump does nothing anyway then I suspect you have a knackered pump you, should be able to hear it runing ar at least feel it vibrate when it's working.
  6. Carl The pump should run with just the ignition on, so remove the main pipe to the pump, turn on the ignition, then stick you finger over the outlet. If the pump pulls a vacuum then you'll feel it sucking your finger, after the vacuum is created the pump should stop automatically, and only restart when the vacuum is let off.
  7. I could live without the ABS, but I use my S4s as a daily driver and am sooooooooooooooooo !!!! glad for the PAS
  8. If it is the same car Paul C nearly saw in May last year and he's been trying to sell it since it's not suprising that he would be more than pleasant.
  9. I don't know about "3 times better" but the S4s does tend to command a premium on price because of it's relative rarity and apart from the Sport 300 it is the quickest of the 4 pots. There's also a comment on LEW somewhere that the Lotus guy's at Hethel were asked which is the best Esprit they built ? "S4s" One of the general rule for buying Esprits is get the best you can afford. P.S. I am biased of course
  10. you don't say what you're willing to go up to though. Adam G has his S4s ( which is a very nice example ) for sale at 17.5K If you want a weekend blast then what a way to go with an S4s
  11. 2 Years with an S2.2 and 7000 miles 1 Year just gone (4th August) with my S4s and 8000 miles
  12. That's probably a better poll, What age did you get your first Lotus? So although I'm an old git now, I've had Lotuses for 15 years
  13. Hey ! I'm glad I didn't sell my telly. Just got home and Basic Instinct is on, just in time to see a nice black SE overtaking loads of cars on a twisty road. Sorry is this digression of a thread ? or am I still making a point that we're here for the cars!
  14. Does anyone want to buy my Television? There was a program on last night that I didn't like !
  15. Wayne All I'll say is Get over it !!!!!!! If you don't like a particular person, don't read any of their posts. Simple as that.
  16. Don't know about Canada and the milk ! much prefer Spain, there you can get a bimbo sandwich
  17. Depends whats really wrong with the engine. Low oil pressure smoke when revved you could be just using oil thats too thin.
  18. Try selecting first before you select reverse, that should stop it crunching into reverse.
  19. Look at the DVLA site 10 TUS was also available a few years back at a blinding
  20. We're not the ones pronouncing it wrong, you're the ones spelling it wrong.
  21. Where abouts is the Peartree Services?
  22. My Eclat used to have the light pods lowered by vacuum and the drivers side pod would always operate before the passenger side, so a quick flash or toggle of the light switch would always make the car wink.
  23. I think you'll find they're fail SAFE in that if the module fails the lights pop up. I wouldn't want to be driving at night have the module fail or come disconnected and suddenly my lights dissapear into the car.
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