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  1. Hey! You ought to get in touch with NASA, you could've saved them about a gazillion dollars proving Einstein was pretty much on the mark.
  2. it's an old anonymous limerick that I modified to suit
  3. A man named Paul, clever and bright Got his Esprit to go faster than light. He departed one day in a relative way And got home on the previous night. (after fixing his Ch*rgecool*r of course )
  4. Oh Don't you start ! This is where Einstein and His theory of relativity come in, so it depends on you point of view. plus the fact that if you pop up your lights at that speed they'll probably fold back on themselves and you'll see yourself coming up behind you
  5. OK I think everyone is getting confused, we were initially talking about terminal velocity And to settle it Here's a link to NASA that explains it all Terminal velocity is reached when the force caused by drag is equal to the gravitational force on the object hence no more acceleration. and to quote NASA " If we have two objects with the same area and drag coefficient, like two identically sized spheres, the lighter object falls slower." Can we stop now !
  6. ???????????????????? Newton ! Relativity ?
  7. ooohhh ! I've started something now USAndretti is right although weight is not the issue Mass and the object coeficient of drag (Cd) is. Acceleration due to gravity (9.8M/s) is constant and viscosity of air is relatively constant. Tiegan, your theory of the bowling balls only works in a vacuum, drop a hammer and feather on the moon and watch them hit the ground at the same time. There was a guy that reached over 200 mph skydiving but he had to go to the edge of space and wear special breathing and streamlined equipment to do it.
  8. And I think you'll stay the winner for a while The terminal velocity for an average human skydiver is only about 120mph so I doubt that dropping an AA Esprit from the CN tower 500 meters above ground would beat it. Unless someone has a friend in the military and can get their real car on a transport carrier, that really would be the fastest Esprit
  9. As far as i understand it, it was only fitted to the car to warm the cat up quicker so that the car would comply with the US emission laws. I think most of us in the UK have removed said EBP valve and throttle jack, but if you live in the states you'll need to check what your local emission rules are. You could of course remove it then when the car needs testing put it back ( but I didn't say that. just what I heard on some other forum )
  10. Must be something in the water
  11. That one, unfortunatley isn't air worthy currently, though I believe they are trying to make it so next year, which will be a sight to see. We did however see the thing taxiing up and down the runway which was pretty cool.
  12. Could well be Maurice M his is a 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo Good bloke, he organised the wings and wheels trip and enabled us to get 10 Esprits together under a Vulcan bomber.
  13. Glyn If you could let me know the model of the USB adaptor that'd be great. Also I'll have a look for the schematic on AW web site, maybe I'll go into production on these, I'm sure there's other people out there that want freescan with USB connection.
  14. Glyn You don't need to remove the bumper to change the front fog lamp just the front undertray, I say "just" the front undertray like its an easy job.
  15. From memory, Clarkson actually likes the V8 even though he did keep stalling it ( the muppet)
  16. I know !!! I saw that as well, I think the Stig was Jonathan Ross or the blind man the day they tested the V8.
  17. That's exactly what i thought, remove as many joins and pipes as possible = less chance of a leak
  18. oooohhh nice ! But be careful, these things can be even bigger money pits than an old Esprit. A decent / sorted one will cost upwards of
  19. Had the check engine light come on during the week, only for about 20 seconds then it went out again, then 2 miles down the road same thing and so on..... First thought freescan ! Only problem my laptop has only USB ports. So cheap option, buy a serial to USB adaptor, Nope ! couldn't get it to communicate properly, there was some action going on, but nothing cohesive. While playing with laptop I noticed the vac pump was running a lot more than it used to. Result check th vac lines and lo and behold the line to the throttle jack was knacked. I ended up pulling the line that feeds the throttle jack and EBPV solenoids and plugging that, now the vac pump operates like it should and just been for a long drive and no CEL Anyone see any problems in plugging this line? the EBPV is wired open (and soon to be removed when PNM get the bypass pipes in) and the throttle jack is just left there no without a pipe connected to it.
  20. As she was also a Bond girl, it has to be Rosamund Pike mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
  21. Troy Sorry to be the one to say it, but it's better said now than you get everything back together and then get annoyed with the car when you can't see out the windscreen. There's nothing worse than doing something like this and making such a top job of it as you have, only to think "Sh$t !!! I wish I'd done......"
  22. Ohhhh! Looks good. But, White binnacle ???? That's gonna cause a few good reflections in the windscreen. I think Lotus started out with a few light coloured binnacle colours but then decided to go dark to cut down all the nasty reflections they caused. Just my 2p
  23. All I'll say is good luck................ A car is only worth what someone is prepared to pay.
  24. Hi there and welcome to the forum. You don't need to worry, we're a friendly bunch here. Just curious, what's the insurance like for a 20 year old on an Esprit SE.
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