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    My tastes are almost as wide as Paul Cs' Dream Theater - Train of Thought Gary Moore - After Hours Him - Love Metal Rush - Counterparts Sam Brown - Stop Pink - Miss understood UFO - Strangers in the Night
  2. Yep ! I had the owner of the white GT40 talking to me about my Esprit, he wanted to get rid of the GT40 cos it too much like hard work to drive and has always fancied an Esprit, and there's me saying yeah go for it they're just as much fun, I use mine as a daily driver........ Then on the way home my radiator lets go and I have to get transported back home by the RAC. Ahhh well !!!!
  3. OK guys ! If you really want all the commands and phrases that work heres the XML file that contains them. Also contains all the rooood words that are banned. You can open it with internet explorer, or just do a search on your PC for files containing "bartender" and having an .XML extension. bot_01_v01a_1_.xml
  4. Paul We saw that one at Donnington, it's the one Pete (pitstop) was drooling over, it was parked near the really fab Elites in the middel of the hall. Have trouble remembering where I live sometimes, but crap like this, I'm yer man.
  5. I could well be up for a trip out on Monday, and Reading is just down the road (well 30 miles !) and I've not been to a classic show for ages.
  6. And what do you drive? Me, I drive a Lotus Expunge Biiig seller that one !
  7. Stunning colour matey, can't wait to see the finished article in the flesh, so to speak. Then again neither can you I expect !
  8. How much do you want for the OZ's ?
  9. Hi Glyn This does seem to be a common problem, don't know if it's the sensors fault of just the average age of our cars, who knows??? the coolant temp sensor fr the ECU is located (according to the manual)on the intake chamber between tracts 3 & 4 BTW Glyn hows the car going? got it all finished yet? have you sold the black beauty? Jez
  10. Forgot. Just be very careful taking it out, it's on a taper thread and (can) shear. also when you put the new one in make sure it's threaded in properly and not crossed at all, the thread is quite fine.
  11. No need to drain. You'll lose some water but nothing that can't be topped up afterwards.
  12. Sender / sensor same thing If you look at the bit of ali pipe that houses the thermostat you'll see a single wire going to a small threaded unit off to the side THAT'S IT That's what failed on mine and caused my gauge to never read more than 70
  13. Err ! Service book? Figure 14? Here it is though Temp Sensor circled it (?) in red, located near the thermostat. just above the water pump If your fans are cutting in and out Ok then this is likely to be the culprit, as the ECU isn't seeing a fault so no check engine light just a dodgy reading on the gauge.
  14. I had this problem on my S4s and it turned out to be the temp sender unit screwed into the pipework near the thermostat. About
  15. I know exactly how you feel, I've also got an Eclat that's just as (un)/reliable Maybe you should put the question to them. Instead of getting a V8 to do 200 Miles per hour Get an S1 to do 200 Miles
  16. Geoff at Esprit Engineering is a top bloke and you'll find that he cares about these cars as much as we do You'll also probably find that, he'll poke around while doing the service and notice other niggly things that may need doing but not charge the earth to do them.
  17. Here's mine outside my err... new conservatory
  18. Only that she turned out to be a he ! What about the names of the Bond girls? Holly Goodhead And a bit of trivia. Who's the only woman to play a different Bond girl in two separate films?
  19. For bond girl, got to be Rosamund Pike For female bond villains Famke Janssen
  20. I'd stay well clear of jet washers, especially around the front of the car where there's likely to be stone chips in the paint. the water jets WILL force water under the laquer and lift it. this happened on my S2.2 many moons ago and caused no end of grief. just my 2P
  21. Look at his profile Don't know if he's p155ing about "Will Shatner" and all but. Vehicle Info 1994 Daihatsu Charade
  22. That's the only one for me too. I cry every time I watch the begining of "The Italian Job"
  23. Looks luuuverllyy! Specifically like the colour
  24. Absolutely ! Had a test drive in a Exige, totally loved it but.... a: not as fast as my Esprit b: not as comfortable as my Esprit, can't imagine doing a long drive in an Exige c: I know the Esprit can be hard to get in and out of, but the Exige d: Exige would have my Esprit on really twisty roads but it wouldn't take me long to catch up.
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