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  1. I think the catch is, the films etc. that are available. Not that great a selection at the moment from what I've heard unless you're looking for stuff that's a few years old.
  2. Guy I bought the neck sometime in the mid 80's on it's own and it's been on various guitars since, but the last few years it's just been lying around, I'm just having a clear out of stuff I either don't want or won't use. Just had another look at this web site The neck is from 1982 not 1968
  3. I think I've sussed out why there's so much interest. I found a web site that will give you the date from the Fender serial number...... The neck is from 1968. That's got to be the reason I assume.
  4. I have a couple of old guitar necks, 1 Fender Strat, 1 Fender Strat copy. The genuine one is very old, very worn and has a small split in the heel, I was going to throw them in the bin but decided to put them on eBay with a starting bid of £25 The bidding is now up to £94 Have I not described them accurately? Am I missing something?
  5. I couldn't've put it better. Although, I don't know anyone who writes "there're" it's usually "there are" if they've used "there's" instead then they're plainly wrong. Contractions are fine used correctly but can be taken too far
  6. If you liked that you'll love this
  7. A 4GB Kindle filled to capacity weighs 0.0000000000000000001g more than when it's empty
  8. Spotted parked at Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor this morning/
  9. What about the SynthAxe, remember that, go to about 2 mins in
  10. Long time since I heard that one Moxie, brings back some memories Here's my choice. (If not listening to the sound of the exhaust)
  11. lrg_machine


    All this faster than light stuff was old hat in 100 years time.... I'm more worried about my membership with the Association of Time And Relativity Transgressors (a T.A.R.T.) for short because I missed next weeks meeting tomorrow and will have to make more effort on Friday to be there 3 weeks last Tuesday.
  12. We got both kinds of music Country and Western ! Nice one Mark!
  13. lrg_machine


    Knock Knock Neutrino Who's There
  14. £590........ It's a lot of money when you look at it like that, but would you really miss £6.99 a week for a year and a half? probably not! Thinking about doing this myself now, they're currently up to issue 36 so want to make sure ALL back issues are available!
  15. Nah! that would be Sages cos it takes ages to finish "Startling" is a nine letter word you can take one letter from at a time leaving another word all the way down to one letter Startling Starting Staring String Sting Sing Sin In I
  16. I thought the longest non-technical word was floccinaucinihilipilification and is one letter longer
  17. Answer = Drunk Pentheraphobia is a fear of a mother-in-law.
  18. At least Gavin from Autoglass is being kept busy !
  19. Last saw Maiden in 2008 at Graspop in Belgium which was just brilliant and the perfect end to 3 days of metal and beer carnage. Think the first time I saw them was around 1982-3 at Hammersmith
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