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  1. Rich I've got a replacement back box from PNM going spare (just put the Larini system on mine) if you're interested.
  2. I use the multi car policy from Admiral for the Esprit and Mitsubishi Estate, save about 300-350 a year, not sure what they're like if you do make a claim, probably the same as any other, keen to take your money not so keen when you're claiming.
  3. Dave It is the GT3 system on mine, got a large black vac pump in the boot and none of that accumulator stuff in the front, though I'm wondering if mine came like it from the factory. Though I don't think the V8s have the vac pump but get the vacuum from the engine, I may be wrong on that
  4. Anybody got one of these large black vac pumps as fitted to the GT3, I actually have the same system on my S4s and the pump is loosing vacuum. So I either need to get the pump reconditioned or find another one. Anyone got any ideas? or can help.
  5. Cheers Mike Pump is running, though not taken hose of to see if vac is generated, and yes the pedal is rock hard and the brakes still sort of function i.e. stand on the pedal to bring the car to a slow stop. Will pull the hoses later to see whats happening.
  6. My Manifolds Cracked My Tanks Leak Manifolds Been Replaced New Alloy Tanks Bank Accounts Empty
  7. OK! my car seems to be a bit of an odd one. It's an S4s but it doesn't have the accumulator or any of that gubbins, it's got the system from later GT3's so there's a big black vac pump in the boot There are a few other odd things about the car that lead me to think this may have been one of Lotus development cars as the gear change is also from later V8's It all seems factory fit and I can't imagine an owner fitting these sorts of items.
  8. Driving home tonight, brake warning light came on and I lost all servo assistance, got home (very slowly) parked up on the drive, switched off and turned ignition back on. I can hear the pump running (about 30 secs) then it switches off, but pedal is rock hard and warning light is still on. Any ideas anyone?
  9. Just right click the links and select "open in new window / tab" Easy
  10. Mark, notice he's playing with a broken Low E....
  11. Learning that Gary Moore has died.....
  12. Guthrie is just an amazing player and seems able to do just about any style of music
  13. Here you go!
  14. The reason that Linux has fewer virus "issues" is mainly because the bods writing them cant be bothered to write something that will affect less than 1% of the computing population I work in software development and know from experience that when you have more people using your "stuff" the more issues and bugs come to light. I'm not saying Microsoft is the be-all and end-all, far from it but I'm sure if Linux etc had 90+% share of the computing market everyone would be, f*#k this free stuff and these constant updates to fix security holes.
  15. I didn't change the MAP sensor, just the split elbow connector. On the parts manual I have the section is 43.03A afraid I can't give you a page number, there aren't any, but you should be able to just do a search for MAP sensor and it'll be fairly obvious what I'm talking about
  16. Alessandro I'm not sure on the GT3 if the MAP sensor is mounted in the same place, is suspect it is. If you have a look in the parts manual at page 43.03A the MAP sensor pipe and connections are marked as parts 60, 61 and 64. It was the elbow connection on my car that was split causing all sorts of engine running issues, almost stalling when idling etc. soon as this was changed the problems went away.
  17. Andrew From memory the MAP sensor is located under the carpeted cover on the drivers side in the engine bay towards the rear, you'll see a thin black pipe going to it, check the black rubber elbow connections, they're probably split if they haven't already been replaced. Mine was like driving a different car after replacing these.
  18. Check the vacuum pipes and connectors to the MAP sensor, I had similar problems as you describe and it turned out to be a simple as one of the vacuum elbow connectors was cracked and split.
  19. Zorst turned up yesterday, very shiny, looks like it's going be loud Just got to get it fitted now
  20. Thatcham's only down the road from me so. 1. Bibs - Esprit SE 2. Boots - Esprit S3 3. Dodgy - Esprit S3 4. Nelly9000 - Elise S2 5. Jez - Esprit S4s
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