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  1. The styling of any new car will always be subjective, beauty, eye, beholder and so on, so I take the "it looks like" comments with a pinch of salt, I dont care if someone else thinks it looks like a Ferraghini with a Nissonda back end as long as it looks good to me. Should the car ends up looking that good with those specs 600+ HP 0-60 under 4 secs is a large GT with room in the back 120K sounds like a fkin bargain, so unless I win the lottery at the weekend I'll probably never own a car this expensive, but if I did have the cash this would certainly be on the short list.
  2. Hi John That be me that be! You should have knocked, I've been in all day working from home.
  3. When I travel along the motorway at 70 MPH The earth is spinning at roughly 1041 MPH The earth is rotating around the sun at 69,360 MPH The the solar system is rotating around the milky way at 446,400 MPH and the milky way is moving through the universe at 1,339,200 MPH All I can think of is Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  4. Have a good dump and a shave before you get in the car and leave the medallion at home
  5. hi Jon, has been a while Ta for the reply, I was just wondering because as far as I know my HT leads have always been sat on top of the cam covers which to me seems a lot easier and even Geoff at Esprit Engineering mentioned it last time he had the car, to qoute "Yeaaahhh, never seen the leads run like that before.... actually that's not a bad idea" or words to that effect!
  6. Is there any technical reason that the HT leads should be routed round under the charge cooler by the turbo? I only ask because mine are just sat tied together with those plastic spacer things over the top of the engine, which to me seems a more sensible route than past the hottest part of the car, turbo and exhaust.
  7. I got a sweater last week! It was nice......... But I'd have preferred a screamer or a moaner!
  8. ISn't the mass of the cast manifold needed to sink heat away form the engine block?
  9. Guys nice job there.... What sort of price are we talking here for these manfolds? I understand the more made the cheaper it'll be. I just curious as I'm in need of a new manifold, the one thats on the car from South West has failed with a pin hole appearing.
  10. Can a matchbox? No, but a tin can!
  11. BBC to investigate the stig imposter Now there's someone pretending to be the Stig
  12. Paul the part number of the one I have is A082M6518F it cost me £76 from SJs and they wouldn't take it back without major re-stock charge which is why I still have it. Rather sell it on cheap to someone on the forum than give him the chance to sell it full price twice. If it's what you need make me an offer
  13. Is it the tiny one that sits on a triangularish mounting plate? If it is and you need one contact me before you spend any cash as I have a new one bought in error from SJ sports cars.
  14. I'm already a Naked Wines member so it won't let me use the voucher
  15. Hervé Taking the cowl off is easy enough, it's a bit like a chinese puzzle, you'll move and jiggle it and it won't seem to move but then all of a sudden it'll be off and in your hands and you wont know how you did it....... Just don't get annoyed while doing it otherwise you could end up replacing the windscreen as well
  16. The binacle cowl is held on by two screws one at each corner and a bolt from underneath the dash, the bolt is difficult to locate but not too hard. Once undone you can wiggle the cowl off the instument cluster but be very careful as when it comes off it is up against the windscreem, one wrong move and you could crack the windscreen if you're too brutal with it.
  17. If a mobile phone shop is stationary, why cant you buy a ream of paper in one.
  18. Answer: 2 X (L/2) Question: If the universe is infinite in all directions, is everywhere in the universe the center?
  19. Things that look like other things Piece of paper or somethig else?
  20. Good to see the bulls getting their own back
  21. Sorry to hijack the thread but anyone know where to get a boot carpet set for an S4s and rough cost?
  22. From his owners page on LEW "Objective is to keep the car as original as possible!" Errrmmmm! The works probably top notch, but not to my taste!
  23. If the pipe to the MAP sensor is not a good seal the the ECU is going to be getting the wrong informtion, this is what was causing my car to stumble, it was so bad on mine I thought the car was going to cut out every time I stopped at lights etc. and it was a bugger to track down the cause. Insulating tape does not sound good, and I suspect it's there cos the previous owner found the pipe was cracked
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