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  1. I know where number 99 was. Nick Warren had it for sale a while ago............
  2. Each JPS car was numbered. Number was in a F1 wreath on the rear quarter by the fuel filler. Slade I think you're right in that less than 100 original JPS cars were made.
  3. It's not the fact that you take the time to tell us the details and how you, as such a fantastic engineer that know exactly how everything should have been done, it's the manner in which you do it. 9 times out of 10 there's a perfectly vaild reason why something is done the way it is. You can have your opinion and probably come up with a better way to do something, but again that may not suit the time, cost and other constraints placed on the people that originally designed and built these cars. We can all come up with better ideas, but have any of us produced a car that promotes such emotion as to create a gathering of people that want to spend the time admiring each others vehicles or aspiring to owning one........ NO ! So Teigan, until you can produce something that we all want to drive, have a little respect for the people that did..........................
  4. I just don't get you teigan. If owning one of these cars is such a bind to you, why don't you just get something else and give us all a break. Just about every post from you is deriding Lotus or others on this forum. Ever thought that if the headlight rods can't be adjusted in place then they won't shake or move themselves out of alignment during use, and your suggestion would need some sort of locking mechanism to ensure that the lights stay in position. At least this way once adjusted they should stay that way......................
  5. I don't think so. You never know! he may be some sort of wiz when it comes to things like this. It will be interesting to see what it ends up looking like and how much it will actually cost him to get it into shape. (what shape, lambo or Esprit remains to be seen)
  6. There's a guy on pisonheads asking for wiring diagrams cos I think he's bought this here's the link to the original item lambosprit, if you're on here let us know how it's going...............
  7. Comment of the week Quote The car was being spruced up for a buyer, but the sale had now fallen through, he said. Really The buyer didn't still want it? Strange
  8. Not even going to qualify this poll with a vote ! Think that while your doing 20MPH Teigan, the person that hits you head on is probably doing a lot more.....................
  9. lrg_machine


    Have you not looked on Pistonheads? There's one on there at the moment
  10. it'd have to be the Zonda for me !!! It's just so over the top it's not a supercar it's a hypercar
  11. I get warm air in the footwells if the recirc / demist control is in the 11 - 12 o'clock position.
  12. Fuel Gauge not reading right........... Mines fine Temp gauge reading far right.......... Mines fine No hot air...................................... Mines fine Walk away ! ! ! The hot air thing could be simply an air lock in the heating system or it could be something much worse. Hot air does come out of other vents not only the defrost windscreen vents. If the temp gauge was reading low then I'd say it's probably the sender as these seem to go, there's a few of us on here that's happened to. But as it's reading high then there could be a more serious problem. The fuel gauge should read about right, Paul C on this forum uses his fuel gauge as a accelerometer, the harder he pushes the car the more the low fuel light comes on, I've tried that and can only get it to come on when there's actually little fuel in the tanks. Is there someone who can look at the car in more detail with you and see if you can find out what's causing the faults. alternatively run the car with freescan plugged in, that'll tell you if there's any fault code reported and will tell you the water temp as well. Sorry to put a downer on the car but please be careful, a bad one can cost a fortune to put right.
  13. A mates just had his new VX220 done with the 3M stuff and unless you get REAL close to it you can't see it. As I understand it, it is a real art putting it on so get it done professionally. Although I think it works best on lighter colour cars, with dark cars ( black / dark blue etc ) you end up with lines where the 3M film finishes and it's more noticable.
  14. I think I should be able to pop along to this one as well. Will need to book a room as I don't fancy coming all the way beck here afterwards Is this where everyone else is staying?
  15. Just remembered. If you let the car Idle for a few mins and blip the throttle out of gear the revs should rise nice and smoothly then come back down smoothly. if it feels like the engine is about to die when the throttle is blipped then you may have a faulty throttle position sensor, which may also contribute to your problems.
  16. As Jon says If the clutch was bad or going bad then you'd have heard the engine rev's rise more than the relevant speed gain. If it's juddering under load it's probably one of the plug leads arcing, try replacing the plug leads and or plugs first as thats the cheapest option, if that cures it then YAY ! if not then you'll need to delve deeper. Jez
  17. My next door neighbour has his own engineering firm, send me the details and I'll ask him what he thinks.
  18. I don't want to be the kiss of death here, but that used to happen on my Supra (which had a race clutch fitted) just before the clutch gave up. Drive the car along at 30 MPH in 5th and then floor it, see what the clutch does. if it's not slipping at all then your probably OK and it's just more practice with clutch control needed.
  19. Remind us why you're selling yours Geoff !!!!
  20. I have seen pictures of US spec "S4s" 's with standard S4 wheels and no arches, so maybe someone either thinks they have an S4s or someones modded an S4???
  21. Yep all original It's a clock in the middle, the boost gauge is to the left and top. I'll take a better pic and try to post it tomorrow
  22. Afraid it'd be somewhere in the South West Pacific........
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