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  1. Just had a look on SJ and they're 36 british folding beer vouchers
  2. Use mine every day, but then I only have 10 miles to get to work so sometimes I take the long route home just for the sheer hell of it In 13 months it's let me down twice. 1st time was 3 weeks after getting it and the clutch slave cylinder went, luckily it was on my drive at the time and I replaced both master and slave and the red hose 2nd time was when the radiator let go on the motorway, that was fun !
  3. Thanks Simon I do have the manual and just found the section you refer to. So first thing in the morning I'll take the sensor off and make sure it's clean and set it to the values given. Thanks again.
  4. Finally got freescan working and it's giving me Fault 22 : Throttle position sensor voltage low Tip : Is the sensor plugged in? Isn't that nice ! I assume it must be plugged in as the car starts and runs, I just get the fault every now and then. on to the techy bit, where is it and can I adjust it, or do I need a new one?
  5. 5 seconds seems a bit quick. Since finding all the vacuum leaks on mine from ignition on, it runs for at least 30 then cuts out, after that it cycles for a few seconds on then 30 seconds off and so on to keep the vacuum.
  6. With the rear deck open on mine I can just about hear the pump when I'm sat in the drivers seat, and I've got pretty good hearing. If that's any help !
  7. Along with the discs, I bought a braided brake hose set from SJs for
  8. I don't think you can get overhaul kits for these, aren't they sealed units? which is a shame as a new one from SJ is around
  9. Glyn Cheers for the offer, from the looks of it the keyspan adaptor is the one that LEW are selling for
  10. So Teigan Got any other "misleading" info from LEW we can discuss ?
  11. Uhh Ohhh ! There goes another one Sorry to hear it but, have a read of this Bit of a long saga but this has happened to a few people. [MOD Paul C]Cheers Jez. Closed this to keep the useful stuff in one thread
  12. From that it sounds like your pump is knackered. When you put your finger over the pipe you should really feel it sucking, also the pump should stop automatically when a vacuum is reached. Also most people disconnect the EBPV and just wire it in the open position.
  13. Jon I am getting some communication, with the freescan status window open I can see whats being sent, but freescan just see's Header not found....... invalid message etc.
  14. Nope, I'd already removed the throttle jack and EBPV connections. This leak was coming from the heater connnection under the dash. The ECU must sense the vac pump is running more than it should and think there's a vac problem as so increase revs. That's the only reason I can think of.
  15. Yup ! tried nost configurations and port settings, baud rates, chocolate bars, wines, and even got my cat to have a look......... lot of good she was !!!!!
  16. What you want is they list all the EBC products and list the S4/ S4s discs front and rear for 89 squid and non brembo S4 discs for
  17. P.S. It's weird. When driving the CEL is illuminating for about 10 seconds then goes out, then 2-3 miles down the road the light comes on waits 10 secs then goes out again and so on. I found a broken pipe connector on the MAP sensor and replaced that, found another vacuum leak and fixed that, ( which has lowered the idle speed ????? ) but I need to get freescan going so that I can find out what code is causing the CEL to come on.
  18. Paul I am but my laptop only has USB ports, I've got a converter but cant get any communication between car and PC The LED on the cable board is flashing, and the freescan port log shows lots of transfered bytes, but no joy.
  19. Your age: 39 Car: 95 S4s Location: Hungerford Insurer: Quoteline Direct Mods declared: None Milage allowance: unlimited daily use Agreed Value :
  20. I've just bought a pair of the EBC front discs, a set of Hawke pads and new braided brake lines for my S4s, have yet to fit them though so will let you know how they go, certainly look the biz
  21. And you're dead right, thanks Simon. That's where I expected it to be and eventually found it tucked in right behind the relay / fuse bank. Although, still couldn't get freescan working, looks like I may have to buy one of the Serial --> USB port adaptors on LEW. I'm getting lots of chatter on the COM port but nothing on any of the freescan tabs. and I've tried most variations on port settings.
  22. Anyone know where the rear connection for freescan is on an S4s I've found the front one, in the passenger footwell, but can't see the rear one. I've looked all around the engine bay also near the bank of relays by the vac pump ( which is where i expected it to be ) and under the carpeted bit the ECU sits under, but no joy
  23. Also check the UJ's on the drive shafts if they're worn then they'll knock as they take up "slack" when you pull away.
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