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  1. Mark I think his mechanic is just trying to drum up some business fixing failed turbos, it is coming up to the holiday season after all. There's no problem letting a car idle at all.
  2. I think if your car won't idle for 2 minutes then you've got something major wrong with it anyway. So what do you do when stuck in traffic / waiting at lights, turn the car off?
  3. Looks like it's been really well restored from the pics and there's no reserve price ! I expect it'll fetch a lot more than the
  4. I assume it's just the standard one at the moment. He lists fitting the Quaife limited slip diff and AP racing clutch with a note about pending work for the Derek Bell upgrade this quarter.
  5. For those not on the Yahoo group. Have a look at this. Some good stuff if you're into modding.
  6. If she'd had her arms & hands above her head on the way through then maybe, but there's no way she'd get through there without catching herself on the net and either ripping the net / fingers / arms off.
  7. Totally fake but damn good though. Even if she could get her legs through the hoop, it'd be a miracle that she didn't get her arms ripped off by the hoop or net. Anyway, anyone know any gymnasts
  8. lrg_machine


    Hi Taro Welcome to the forum(s). There's no info for your location so if you're interested and it's not too far some of us are getting together this Sunday at Warbrook House Warbrook Eversley Hampshire RG27 0PL It's a SELOC meet but a few of us Esprit owners are going as well.
  9. Nice one Nothing better than a Lotus Racing Green S4s. But then I am biased
  10. Not wanting to throw a spanner in the works, but, I have heard people talk about Barry Ely before as well and the words "Barry Ely" & "barge pole" came into the conversation, which may explain why he's had these cars a while, and again his cars seem to be overpriced, maybe he uses the same price guide as UKsc. Please be careful.
  11. 'Ere we go then. Some pics of my baby................. Only took me 2 years to find a Lotus Racing Green S4s, and I can definitely say it was worth the wait. Now my face is constantly like this --->>>>
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