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  1. 1/ Trevsked 2/ fsrowsell 3/ sparky 4/ Mark B 5/Bazza 6/Bibs 7) Mike6 8) Jezza
  2. Bibs Has the order with Larini been placed or are we still waiting for the other two?
  3. Sorry Dave that was a manufacturing / mechanical etc. failure, completely different as that sort of thing can happen anywhere at any time on anything Bibs It's a proven fact that RF transmitters (mobiles, radio controlled cars and so on) will affect improperly shielded electronics or electronics with damaged shielding, so there IS a risk.
  4. No I think personal comfort is just a pleasant side effect. No phones = Zero risk Lot's of phones = risk increased and when your talking about a metal tube 40,000 ft in the air filled with people zero risk has to be the answer as it's a risk that is totally avoidable.
  5. As I said previously, if you can use your mobile then so can everyone else. if there's roughly 300,000 people in the sky at any one time and just half of those decide to use their phone your 1:1000000000 chance of something happening has just been cut so dramatically that it's harder to win the lottery, and someone does win that most weeks. Plus I don't want to be sat on a 10 hour flight with someone next to me prattling away, or mobiles ringing, it's bad enough on trains.
  6. I'm sure Geoff at Esprit engineering in Salisbury mentioned that he had someone who could make these pipes, he mentioned mine may need replacing soon(ish)
  7. 28) Wine 29) Beer 30) Movies 31) Guitars 32) Driving the Esprit especially when it's warm and sunny and it's just been cleaned 33) Roast Dinners 34) Natalie Portman
  8. Again, it's not so much that a mobile will or has interfered with an aircraft flight system it's the fact that it could and the risk however small is completely avoidable, switch them all off. also you're thinking why can't I use MY mobile on a plane, if you can so can everyone else and all of a sudden you've got 200 people making those important & urgent phone calls to find out what they're missing on the telly. All it would take is a badly shielded, or indeed damaged shielding on a system and a new type of mobile that everyone must, just must have and a plane is suddenly heading toward the north pole instead of Barbados, or worse. Also the mast switching argument is bollox, if major mobile phone carriers can't handle a couple of hundred phone switching at the same time they seriously need to rethink their systems, I work in telephony (probably why I hate mobiles) and we deal with systems that handle users in the 10s of thousands and we're by no means a major player.
  9. 47) People who don't know the difference between There, Their and They're 48) Txt Spk in email 49) Mobile Phones in restaurants, theatres & cinemas 50) The new Iceland adverts, in fact all of the old Iceland adverts as well but especially the new one 51) Central heating that breaks down at the first sign of a cold snap.
  10. So I guess you're the person on the transatlantic flight using their mobile phone in the toilet while smoking, do mobiles affect aircraft, unlikely, highly unlikely. Have all mobile models been tested against all flight equipment, No, simple solution...... turn the f*#king things off. Same thing at petrol stations. I'm not intent on wrapping everyone in cotton wool and removing all risk from life, the OP asked a question I attempted to answer it, to reiterate it's not the general use of a mobile it's the static discharge that is the issue. one point in the original post was "Don't re-enter your vehicle during fuelling." This HAS been the cause of accidents involving static discharge at fuel pumps, people, mainly women, getting back into their cars to do whatever, answer that oh so important call etc. then getting back out and touching the car. Spark, fumes, whoooshhh ! So if you want to live dangerously remember your filling up kit next time you visit the petrol station Nice bit of nylon carpet to walk up and down on Big balloon to rub on your jumper (sweater for the Americans) and a dog to pat while you comb your hair
  11. "It would probably be a one in a million chance that a mobile phone could ignite fuel vapor, but there are a hell of a lot of fuel bowsers, cars and mobile phones in the world." I think I made that point in my first post, better safe than sorry. people do win the lottery most weeks! Flying is the safest form of travel but planes do crash! personally I think mobile phones are the bane of the modern world and welcome the day when they're treated the same way as smoking. And as far as Mythbusters go, they do produce a very entertaining show even if most of their methods are somewhat suspect, they are NOT professors of physics, chemistry or engineering, they're special effects bods with a workshop and a budget.
  12. As I said in my earlier post, the general use of a mobile is highly unlikely to cause ignition of fuel vapour, however, it's not so much the use of a mobile but the ESD electro static discharge that could occur from using a device like this. Things to consider the fuel to air ratio needs to be correct for ignition the ignition source needs to be sufficient a quote from Shell “…portable cell phones properly used do not represent a meaningful hazard on the retail forecourt. Without doubt, apart from the human acts of smoking and striking a match, the thing that represents the greatest hazard on the retail forecourt is the motorcar!” That said most accidents caused have been due to ESD. So next time you're filling up and a dog comes up to you, think twice before you start patting it or rubbing it's fur near the pump..... You have been warned Ohh yeah! And just because the Mythbusters say it's busted, doesn't mean it is. No matter how foxy Kari Byron is
  13. I think petrol stations in the UK are classed as zone one hazardous areas, (explosive vapour is expected during normal running) I may be wrong on this it's been 10 years since I did any of this stuff, anyway it's probably more due to the idea that electrical equipment has to be classified for use in hazardous areas (mobiles aren't) and it's better to be safe than sorry, you can't test every mobile in every situation so turn them all off, just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it wont. Blow up petrol station... There's an app for that
  14. I'll be interested in one for the S4s Currently got the manifold to replace so may as well go the whole hog
  15. Felix Vid is marked as private... Cant see it. Want to see it.
  16. Yep! just push the little shaft to reset the trip counter and it's cable driven.
  17. Sky channel 240 Next Tuesday 12th 9 PM Wheeler Dealers doing a Lotus Elan
  18. Never mind climbing a "little" tower What about this My link neutralised 42 bombs in 72 hours No safety harness required.
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