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  1. I had mine done at the dealer in MA last year on my 99 with ~32K on it. Just had to pay for a few little thinkgs they were bound to find (nothing is free) but overall the belts were all done for zip. I did hear it was for cars less than 8 years old so I'm not sure how it would be this year for 97-99 cars. I called Lotus USA to check this all out but then the dealer got pissy with me. I just wanted to make sure it was covered before I brought it in there as if it was not I was going to an independent. Brad
  2. Found my service manual and now earlier post makes sense on changing the coolant (now I see the drain and bleed plugs). Hopefully I should be all set once I get the time to get in a garage for a few hours. Thanks Brad (NH)
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