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  1. Popped over from the dark side... don't worry Bibs I'll go back ;-) It's been cracking fun researching this car... What an amazing car with such an extensive history. TTFN
  2. Cheers Geoffers for the heads up. If there's anything I can assist with, don't hesitate to ask. TTFN Specky
  3. Good to see you today Bibs it's been a while, I think we gave him a good send off on behalf of the LEF, LEC and RAF.
  4. I'll give them ago and let you know how I get on. Thanks again TTFN
  5. Would anyone have another Lotus part number for the 4mm Heyco allen key, or even a Heyco Pt No for that matter. I know the Elan Pt No for the allen key is A100T6005H (Now obsolete, was £1.35) The full kit for the Elan is B100T6018H, whilst the same kit for the V8 Esprit is A082T4016F, Is the V8 Esprit kit broken down into component parts any where? I know it would be so easy to throw any old 4mm allen key in there, but I thought I'd ask... TTFN
  6. Cheers again everyone, you're quite correct about the kits going walkabout, it seems to happen quite a lot. the tools are Manufactured by Heyco, the penknife by solingen (BARLOW SOLINGEN). I recall Lotus getting rid of the last few tools at the auto jumble aspect of the Hethel Aftersales. If anyone requires the lotus part numbers, they are in the Elan parts manual. And...... Thanks for the offer Bibs......He never changes TTFN
  7. Popped over from the darkside again, Just a quicky... Did the Esprit use both tool kits during it's production run? Also would anyone have any further information on the tool kits? TTFN
  8. dave_speck

    91 Elan

    What sorta of an Loon would retort on someone elses turf...... Or should I say...... where's Dave Eds when you need him.... TTFN
  9. dave_speck

    91 Elan

    You should be able to register and log in now. TTFN
  10. dave_speck

    91 Elan

    I've asked your questions here, We'll work our magic and get it all sorted. TTFN
  11. Hi there fella,

    We are working on your Problem, we believe it's an issue with Inter Explorer and the LEC , if you use Firefox or Safari these should work.

    We're still fixing The IE to LEC link


    Dave (AKA Specky on the LEC)

  12. dave_speck

    91 Elan

    Here's a few places to start.... A UK parts option that will ship to the US Whay do you require? Just remember don't pay Lotus prices when there could be a cheaper alternative Waiting to help on the darkside.... TTFN
  13. dave_speck

    91 Elan

    We're all one happy family Another LEC moderator here, are you all sorted? TTFN
  14. Would any one have a copy of the above mentioned magazine please TTFN
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