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  1. Just picked up my Esprit SE from Watford Exotics and took the long route home... what a transformation ! Gear change is miles better, clutch disengages when hot, no nasty fuel smells and it just seems faster.. and all for a very reasonable price... Will definitely be back - well it is a Lotus after all.....
  2. I'm ashamed to admit it and expect suitable punishment to be meted out by the mods shortly , but I'm afraid being stuck in black Esprit for 45 minutes in the sun, and only inching forward every 10 mins, was too much for my Victor Meldrew alter ego, and so I legged it off down some lanes to try and approach from the East... and guess what ... yep, I ran into a queue just as long and just as slow, if not slowe ... and so after another 30 stationary minutes I three point turned and went back to Dunston for a coffee with a return trip planned for later on ... BUT when I came back down the A11 at sometime after noon the queue was now 0.5 miles back along the A11 towards Norwich with police in attendance .. So with a heavy heart, and heavy right foot I pulled back into the outside lane and headed south to try and get home for teh GP I was amazed after 30 mins of heading south to see the A11 northbound with several Loti stuck at a standstill miles from Hethel.. little did they know what awaited them... I daren't ask what time you guys that left Dunston in the convoy finally got parked up at the factory in case it was 5 mins after I abandoned ship... but i did read elsewher that some guys that arrived later on took 2 hours to get from the A11 to Hethel...
  3. B) and the news is............. at 8am ............ blue skies all round .....
  4. Been great today, lovely sunny morning, slightly cloudy PM, but clear now at 8pm.... fingers crossed..
  5. Got to Dunston early this afternoon, nice place - well done Bibs ! Its been pretty wet since we got here..... so hopefully its rained itself out now
  6. Yes do look out for me. I'm there from tomorrow evening Black SE Turbo with Reg starting BBZ and 4 numbers (was an NI car). Will keep my eyes open for yours, from the pics it looks an unusual colour...
  7. Thought I'd join the party... I've got 1990 SE Turbo and I only seem to get 0.5 - 0.7.. felt chargecooler and it seems tepid, also previous owner told me he had replaced pump. Anyone going to Dunston that fancies a looksee is more than welcome.. Will bring my Laptop and Freescan too
  8. Might be worth reading this thread :
  9. I agree they are realy cheap - juts got mine from SJS Sportcars it was under GBP 5 ! And a very snug fit, will be testing it tomorrow... fingers crossed..
  10. hi thanks for the info... will definitely book the Mill for one night. Cant find a link to the Bird in the HAnsd in Swaainsthorpe though ? Your link shows the Dun Cow. Any ideas ?
  11. Hi Gary / Chris.. when you said at Classics on the Green you were taking a couple of days off to work on the Esprit I hadn't realised quite what you meant ! Strewth !!!!!!!!!!! Makes my tinkering look a v. poor show indeed.... Looking forward to admiring your handiwork at Dunston...
  12. Got the same problem ( more a drip though) so thanks guys... definitely hoping its the cap. ordered one today... but will check out thermostat too, just in case !
  13. 1,2 Bibbo and Laura 3 Mat 4,5 Simon and Lisa 6,7 Paul & Sarah 8 Kimbers 9,10,11 Sy, Gail & Dan 12,13, bigsi and possibly kelly 14,15 theelanman and mrs 16 Andydclements 17,18 OwenGT3 and Passenger? 19 Ian May (Mayesprit) 20 Martyn 21,22 Cliff & Caroline ( gghc87 ) 23,24 Yasuo (& St
  14. just paypalled for 2 tkts. Thanks !
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