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  1. google translation says potenza 450 cv, con +/- 30 cv a seconda della regolazione elettronica (dall'interno dell'abitacolo) del turbo, a circa 8000 giri Power 450 hp , with +/- 30 hp depending on the electronic control ( from inside the car ) turbo , about 8000 rpm someone should inform google that there is a problem with translating numbers....
  2. Toyota already has plans for the engine..... ...and the car! ...will be released in less than two weeks at the 2014 Paris Motor Show
  3. This is - like almost everything here in Germany - regulated by a rule, which says, that you have to drive on the right side of the road as much as possible (the so called "Rechtsfahrgebot"). You are risking a 80,- Euros ticket and 1 penalty point when violating this rule and hinder someone else. (18 penalty points means revocation of your driver license)
  4. some other facts........ http://www.thef1time...s/display/05228 Daimler no longer a shareholder in McLaren a little picture of daimler's CEO:
  5. ...some reasons, why China is so importend for the sports car industry...
  6. Garage:
  8. two wrongs don't make a right but three rights make a left arguments for RHD vs. LHD discussions: the left is right and the right is wrong
  9. Link to #173:
  10. does he (Dieter Zetsche - CEO Daimler AG, which includes Mercedes-Benz) think: a) nice try b) i want this car c) i want this marque ?
  11. New headline: "Lotus presents four new cars, that will perhaps be available with petrol engines, eventually as hybrid cars and are already available as zero emission electric cars"
  12. miracle no1: four of them are already some kind of drivable - wow!
  13. Something's missing: I can't find displays for the camera mirrors on the pics - anybody seen them? And: I expect words like "delayed" and "canceld" will be used more often here... sorry Think postive: Elan for me!
  14. That would explain where all the money comes from to get the new cars into production....
  15. Quote: "In the UK, its network of 23 dealerships will be sharply reduced, perhaps to as few as three, while in Japan the number of Lotus dealerships will be cut from 27 to just six, he said." Imagine you have the money to buy one of these new cars, but no dealer who sells it to you within 3 hours driving..... oil service/full service will take a 3 days holiday, when you use it as your daily driver....
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