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  1. For now those are the closest ones I have found, Thanks all for your help
  2. Wanted to know what are you using in your cars that can be found for the original wheels. My tires are old and would like to replace them for safety. Thank you in advance
  3. I connected both in the front and booth what is the ftdi driver? The one for the usb adapter? thanks for your help
  4. Hello been away for a long time, my car has been very inconsistent on its engine ruining for the last year i went to use the freescan and I´m not able when I connect it doesn't recognize any of the data it continously shows finding start header. Any ideas, Thanks in advance
  5. Hello and happy new year long time with out returning to the forum, in the time I have been away I got married bought a house with two car closed storage, we are also expecting our first baby (girl for may) Already bought her a Lotus Teddy Bear, and my car has worked perfectly until last week I need an abs Pressure Switch for my 1991 SE and havent been able to find it, has any of you have any idea where i can fin one As always thanks in advance
  6. lince

    Back in F1

    Great News I`m very very happy with this hope it uses the Lotus name with pride
  7. I will be going to the UK for a week but will arive the 22 in the morning is there a way that i could try to go with you will love to see the factory
  8. Just an Idea now that the FIA whants to make a F2 series again that would be a great place to start Team Lotus Again but I would go for green design with yellow stripes
  9. I would be looking for a just serviced Testarossa That car is really cheap now v12 engine and design that will go high so as an investment I wouldn
  10. Please remember to check the TV antena (limo style) located at the trunk of the enzo
  11. If you have ever considered a replica please take a look at this great examples in ebay. 250 GTO Enzo
  12. Jason thank you could you please email me at [email protected] so that we can arrange the details. Thank you for you help
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