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  1. what is the A/C-on-off-idle-problem. also do you know of a good place to get damper and springs for an SE
  2. Do any of you know the model and make number of the original radio of the Lotus Esprit turbo SE for 1991, and if it had an optional CD.
  3. Thank you very much for the link to the one on ebay.
  4. Where can i find an original owner manual for the lotus esprit SE???
  5. It,s definetly oil so it must be from the one used in the A/c system or from the heat exchangers and pipes. thank you very much
  6. my new lotus esprit turbo SE has an oil leak from the front of the car, do you know what it can be?
  7. Thank you for the help, I think the s4 wheel on the link looks good, the one i have doesn
  8. Yes that is the one that I have seen but that one doesn
  9. I have been ablo to find the engine and chassis number but they are just like on a stickeror piece of paper under the front hood but I cant use that one, on the engine I found one but it didn
  10. Thank you for your help and correcting the place I posted, until now i juste have always posted on the other side
  11. I bought yesterday a lotus esprit se 1991 and to registered it to my name I need to get a copy of the chassis and engine number on a piece of tape, i don
  12. I closed the deal yesterday and bought the 1991 Esprit SE with 16.600 miles on it it requires work but it will be perfect when finished, as far as i know i own the only Esprit in Colombia for now. I will post pictures later I
  13. Thanks to all of you for you answers In colombia we don
  14. Thank you for the response the problem is that bringing a used 91 lotus will cost me an extra US$18.000-US$22.000 over the price i pay for it in USA and an S4s that is the one I really would love to get would be US$25.000-30.000 over the price in usa they are selling me the one in here for US$27.000 it has just 15.000 miles but requiere work inside and outside, suspension, paint, interior timing belt, so all that i will have to add it to the price the good side is that my family owns a bi car dealership so i might get very good prices on most things but not parts.
  15. Recently I have seen esprit 1988 to 1992 going higher on the price is this just my feeling or a comon one, I used to see good ones normally between US$15.000 US$19.000and today i was looking and saw some at up to US$29.000 with i think is to much the reason I
  16. I still love and will get an S4s or sport 300 or Kx180R I love the idea of a 4cylinder with 300 HP that is amazing compared to a V8 with 350 plus small engines is one of the main LOTUS concepts for me. But those late V8 look amazing specially in yellow and the sport 350 would love to have it too. You know what I will love to make a Lotus esprit Collection with many models just need more money
  17. do you now anything about this car, it seems very strange i haven
  18. -Lotus esprit S4s, Sport 300 or X180R -Mclaren F1 -Ferrari F40 -Mercedes CLK GTR -Ferrar 330 P4 -Saleen S7 -Ferrari 250 LM -Jim Clark Lotus F1 -Ford GT40 I could name a lot more GOD I HAVE TO WORK HARDER
  19. Thanks for the link you made me feel very poor I
  20. I spoke to the owner and he told me his reserve was 45.000 i think that is a lot of money for the car, especially as i think he didn
  21. Thank you for your responses my idea is to buy the car and bring it to Colombia so that I can see it every day before going to bed and taking it for a ride some days. i will keep you posted. Best Regards Alejandro Lince
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