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  1. From first last year to almost last I can
  2. Congratulations in advance have a great time
  3. Your car looks great and will beat the Ferrari for sure, enjoy it and have a good time
  4. lince

    My new company

    Congratulations hope you have a great time remember i
  5. I bought a Japanese version on Ebay two months ago great game I loved the Nissan GTR best chimestry with me on the game, what I most liked about the game was when you where driving onboard and you looked behind you it seemed as if you shere from inside looking above your shoulder amazing game just want more and missed the tunning on the cars
  6. Yes from the video with the voice It seems as if it was Ben Collins top Bloke by the way and great driver but I also think there are others but mostly made by him
  7. I agree with you Kimbers Is personal just have some fun with it but that doesn
  8. I loved always the British humor and for me after reading the news at the end where it says that after 5 hours he got a cup of tea while talking to them was so funny by itself.
  9. I have seen 3 in Venezuela for sale (2G and 1S)
  10. Didn`t Knew I won, totally unexpected what did I won (finally I win something and there is nothing to be won) here is the team Kimbers remember not to put Honda on anything that was the secret but hard choice between toyotas and Honda in Drivers and toro rosso and Honda in teams I have no idea whats the least worst choice good luck to all and have fun with all as always Name of Participant: Alejandro Lince Team Name: Lince Racing Group A - (Select 2) L Hamilton (McLaren) K Raikkonen (Ferrari) Group B - (Select 2) F Alonso (Renault) N Piquet Jr (Renault) Group C - (Select 3) T Glock (Toyota) S Vettel (STR) J Button (Honda) Group D - (Select 1) N Rosberg (Williams) Group E - (Select 1) A Sutil (Force India) Group F - (Select 2) Renault Williams Group G - (Select 1) Ferrari Group H - (Select 1) Honda
  11. The first Time I heard about the Panamera I tought it was a bad idea but everytime I see pictures of them I see that it
  12. lince

    which esprit

    S300 in yellow no question if two hard to get then a yellow S4s
  13. Congratulations I have to do one for my car next month after so much money on my car I hope it passes if not then I will have to start thinking on building a test station as a cheaper alternative
  14. This is something I have confirmed with many Americans of course none of them in this forum.
  15. lince

    Wayne B?

    He should come back great man lots of knowledge and always helpful COME BACK WAYNE and thank you again for eveything
  16. This seems more like an OIL LEVEL check up at least it didn
  17. There is your answer it
  18. I can tell you the Ps3 it
  19. Welcom to the forum I have exact same car with colors but 1991 enjoy your time working in it, for me it was and is a great experience
  20. I think the wheels looked so bad on the car it tried to commit suicide
  21. I think it would work as USB conectors are worldwide so I don
  22. Superb New HONDA :D :) But I will go with you on Hamilton just so Raikkonen doesn
  23. lince


    I can start by recommending restaurants The bucaneer Very good sea food at a very good price. Il Faro Blanco it
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