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  1. 440 results with my name most of them really about me, amazing to see that there are so many articles from when I used to do car racing.
  2. lince


    Yes been there is a great place. If you decide to go I can recommend a couple of places to go, good food, good party not that expensive.
  3. I will have to go for Chocolate must have one at least every day just shame you can
  4. What I found amazing about Sangyong is that they were able to base themselves on the pontiac Aztec but they where even able to make it worst. How can someone make something even similar or consider the pontiac after the disaster it was on sales The othe car That I could easily nominate is the BMW 6 series
  5. I will have to go for the Sangyoong all of them
  6. Now that is another game to get, I just wish I had more time to play haven
  8. I had so bad experiences with sony ericsson that I wouldn
  9. I think it was to hard and bad for the F1 show, they should have done the fine take away some points in both championships to make ferrari a couple of points ahead of Mclaren and the take advantage of the situation to make the championship closer and more followable. Now there is a bad taste in this year championship whatever the resulte is. Plus I can
  10. I had forgotten about this, but good to see I
  11. Model 91 indeed have ABS, the vacuum is fine
  12. I tried to take my car for a ride yesterday morning but wasn
  13. Is it too late for a congratulations, time diference is 3 days from UK to colombia CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSS
  14. I got my dunlop tires from tirerack in USA maybe they still have some left
  15. any provider in USA, i need just the film I will install it here in Colombia
  16. I found one very similar In colombia that iused in mine the problem is that I did everything so I wasn
  17. Another good thing in Colombia is that you loose just license if you are drunk driving otherwise you just get the fine, plus if they catch you at 60MPH or 200MPH the cost is the same, so any ticket I may get will get into ownership costs.
  18. I know my experience from the learning from the car becouse of the alltitude here in Bogota 2.600 m have been horrible at the beginning the car daesn
  19. I got a PS3 at then of last year nad now I
  20. I was being easy on her for the first two rides on this one I saw the open road the car working fine and I couldn't control Myself It was like having a model making a striptease to you. Will take it for a ride again this weekend and try to et some pictures of the speed for you, just hope I can get away with it with out a speeding ticket I can
  21. Just took my esprit for the third ride since it decided to start working, I had a great time I did just 70 miles but I wanted so much more specially at the end that the car was working so good, I was able to go to 155 MPH and it felt so good next time I will go earlier and will try to make it to the 165 MPH mark, first I thought the car wasn't going as fast but then when I checked the RPM it must have been very close to that will take it on Sunday morning again for a ride Thank again to all of you for helping me being such a happy and proud owner
  22. lince

    Happy Day 2

    Esprit looks are amazing and the feels is amazing. Now about the confidence fo it bieng a Ferrari you made me remember about and email that was snt some year ago. About a Ferrari being described as a Red car with a horse on it
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