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    Happy Day

    I took my car out for the ride but was able totravel just for 15 miles as I had to return because it started raining really hard so will have to wait some days for a longer test. either way here are some pictures before leaving i wanted to get some nicer pictures for you with some landscaping but those will have to wait now
  2. lince

    Happy Day

    Maybe we should start a Plan Kimbers Area to come with ideas on how to get permission from his wife My Idea go buy the car take it home and say I
  3. 48024 I bet you spend more time taking care of it and looking at it than driving it
  4. lince

    Happy Day

    Yes I will take some pictures on Sunday to post here and change the one on my profile, I now it doesn
  5. I love every sport 300 specially in yellow
  6. I would go for a S4s and if you want a really good upgrade I would think of WC turbo sounds like a great addition an he has the best service around
  7. one day and hate it I just love to be in comfort Have you ever considered traveling to colombia?
  8. Claudia congratulations on making you OLD MAN fill like and OLD man should feel. Have a great time
  9. How about china and chery, geely head offices?
  10. lince


    Thanks to all of you I had a great celebration party and I can ssure all of you that I had a drink for every member, yes that many drinks. so today ireally woke up feeling one year older
  11. As i now many in here fell in love with the Lotus Esprit after it
  12. For that money I would part it away shame i don
  13. I have a golden Retriever that is 2 years old now, what I can recommend you is play a lot with him walk a lot so she gets really tiered then she will sleep for longer times, also if she cries or something don
  14. I know a device that you plug on the car lighter and will give power to the car while it
  15. How much do you think a good price would be for that car
  16. you are totally right I wish I could take it to some specialist, I have had to change very sensor and many other things to make it work right It seems I
  17. I second that it must have been very low air preassure
  18. One during an f1 test in Silverstone I was with my brother and Juan Montoya so took advantage on the pass this was in 1998 and got a f1 book signed by all the drivers on the top 5 teams
  19. Hope to be able to compete for now IAN is killing us
  20. Get well soon It seems lately that there are more medical posts than technical so after all we as a groups are older than our cars and should rememeber this and never complain about them. Get well soon try to have some rest
  21. Wayne is f1rejects working for you, I haven
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