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  1. Esta muy bonito el carro el dise
  2. I went to china to visit some car factories for distribution in Colombia and think they are a couple of years away from good quality and design and this won
  3. Thanks for your help kato, but The thing is that my girlfriend has to go 4 months to work at a restaurant at the cesar palace and I
  4. I would like to know if there is one member in here from las vegas as I would need to ask a couple of questions about the area. Best Regards Alejandro Lince
  5. If you find a well made restoration then that is the one to buy for sure specially on Esprits as parts and labour are costly but avoid incomplete or not well done restorations as they are costly, if you go for an unrestored one then find one that is complete and unmolested
  6. lince


    Kimbers sorry to hear you are like that but just take your time off, to get some good rest take care and hope they let you go home soon as the hospital al horribles places to be,
  7. Sorry to hear that patrick, maybe we could get you back some day I don
  8. Specially being part of the third world countrys
  9. sorry didn't hear from you and made a couple of quotes for shipping to Colombia from my side and it was going to be expensive I was quoted 55 pounds for certified mail. so decided to buy the one from the usa with free shipping. SORRY for not letting you know but just decided today 5 min before the post
  10. I have the some code right know but the simptons are different my car revs to 2.000 some times at idle before this I had the knock sensor code and I
  11. thank for the tip ordered the one from as recomended but does anyone know where to get the the plug
  12. Team Name: Lince Racing Manager: Alejandro Lince Group A F Alonso (McLaren) K Raikkonen (Ferrari) Group B H Kovalainen (Renault) L Hamilton (McLaren) Group C C Albers (Spyker) S Speed (STR) V Liuzzi (STR) Group D R Kubica (BMW Sauber) Group E N Rosberg (Williams) Group F BMW Sauber Red Bull Group G Ferrari Group H Scuderia Toro Rosso
  13. I decided to change the original pump for an electric one but when tried to order it through WC engineering discovered they don
  14. looks very very tempting, shame there are not Lotus dealers in Colombia i Would love to get one of those on the track after a week of hard work
  15. Every year I do the one on it
  16. Happy birthday have a great one hope to meet you soon and invite you for a late birthday couple of beers :animier:
  17. I love the countach also I think the wing make it seem even more spectacular not pretty but spectacular If I were to et one it will be a black one with wing and gold wheels for me that is the best combo of all. I think the countach will be a good investment as in the middle and long term it will rise for sure
  18. lince

    Great news

    Thank again will set up th detail of the wedding at a later day but I don
  19. lince

    Great news

    thanks to all of you, I
  20. lince

    Great news

    As i have made some good friends and met so many good people in here just wanted to share some news, No it
  21. Love your car, great article. congratulations
  22. No gravity sex sound like something really different. But Guy your family made it so much on the news that It appeared everywhere here in Colombia and our space knowledge is so bad that a couple of months ago they made an article in the newspaper about a man that was building a small rocket for a mouse
  23. Maybe as you put your name they really knew who you are. I
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