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  1. Ok thank you I will try to make my laptop and freescan to work together with me on saturday will let you know Hey fianlly I
  2. I need Some help with my car first I’m going to tell you the full story I bought my Esprit 1991 SE on October 2005 and decided to make a full restoration on it including, piston and liners, new turbo, gaskets, new MAP sensor, new Baro sensor, new O2 Sensor, new MAT sensor, new timing belt. So it was complete work. Yesterday I was testing my car and I got code 43, but also felt the car was really down on low and intermediate RPM it felt like it was short of air, I had Avery low IAC of 5 I know it should be between 40-70 but mine was closer between 5-20 I don’t know if this may be caused by
  3. In Colombia to get a gun you have to get a special permit and still can
  4. Congratulations on your purchase, I did a full restoration on my 91 SE, you will need lots of patience and work, and remember that there is a tight way to undo anything on the Lotus it
  5. ggod to see new owners, this is a great place for the owners better than any other I know about, Enjoy your car Love th color
  6. I think a good one shouldn't have a problem at all but in all maintenance a depreciation of the car being used as a daily driver will make it senseless, I will never leave mi car at a parking out of mi sight, I hate fingerprints and people getting close with watches, belts plus door banging. get the Esprit and a First car.
  7. Here in Colombia there are no good car magazines a road and track is US$10 so every time I have to travel out of the country the only sure shopping stop is a good bookstore and I get at least 8 magazines. I tried to susrcibre but always someone in the mail stole the magazines, I tried subscriptions with Classic car, sports car market, R&T, C&D, Autoweek, Autosport and a couple of others I just received like 2 of each during the year and 10 letter for renewing my subscription
  8. Here is my list 1. 1991 Esprit SE My car.................. Just for love and hard work 2. Sport 300 3. Sport 350 4. Lotus Carlton 5. Elan 26r 6. Elise GT1 7. Exige upgraded to 350 HP
  9. Good to hear you can do what I did when I got Home with my car I stayed in the car for about an hour and then I spend another hour looking it from outside I couldn't believe it was mine. What a great feeling
  10. He is a good presenter, but if he quits that will be the kind of job I would love to I wouldn't 40k pounds sounds good to me
  11. I would go for Oulton Park a tricky and intermediate circuit
  12. It seems a protective measure for the engine, so use freescan first, if you don
  13. Yes I now the master cylinder is diferent but there is no other part of the manual showing the vacuum piping and that is what i would like to check, where they show the differences the just show the master cylinder but no connections
  14. Can someone confirm me if this is the right parts for a 1991 SE, I was yesterday checking and I would like to check every part of the brake system but wan
  15. My car is good at idle it just tend to dies when you try to accelerate, after a short time it starts picking up but no at the first time, even when the car is warm I have the some problem, I have tested the vacuum of the engine and the reading is very low and gets to 0 just after pressing the gas pedal. hope this gives you a better understanding of the problem, the map and baro sensor are fine i got them new a couple of months ago and they fixed another problem that I have and was cought with freescan
  16. The 308 Was the first Ferrari I drove so I will always have it in my heart, it isn't a really fast car but it has a very good engine sound and I love shifting in the H pattern Ferraris it always seemed slow but the feeling of everything getting together was amazing. Welcome and go buy yourself a Esprit you can never have to many cars as long as you are not married
  17. I checked at every place on the engine with a vacuum exit an acording to the diagram of the car, and all of them show very little vacuum and went to 0 at very low RPM, I really haven
  18. You can always sell me your car I love it, that was the esprit of my drams S4s yellow with black interior, and owned by some one with passion for the car. Good to hear you fixed the problem nice to see that car working again
  19. It seems you have a problem with the gauge, so check it with a manual system, if you don
  20. I have discovered that the problem with my car is that it isn't generating enough vacuum as it should and that is why it isnt working propriety and every time I press the gas pedal the engine tries to dies, anyone has an idea of where the problem of the vacuum can be coming from
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